The Town of Cary uses energy in its operations and in the services it provides to residents. As the Town continues to grow, the need for conservation also grows. Our staff is committed to implementing energy efficiency strategies and tactics that make fiscal and environmental sense. Learn more about what the Town is doing to reduce energy use and conserve tax payer dollars.

Strategic Energy Action Plan

The Town of Cary has established an energy reduction goal and energy management plan that will reduce consumption, lower costs, and reduce emissions. The plan addresses key energy-using areas including 1. Water and wastewater, 2. Fleet, and 3. Buildings and streetlights. Read more on the energy reduction goals and to see a copy of the strategic energy action plan.

Energy Inventory

In 2011, the Town of Cary conducted an energy and greenhouse gas inventory in an effort to measure its emissions resulting from municipal operations. The purpose of the inventory is to measure and track energy use as a first step to developing energy reduction goals and developing a robust energy management program. Read the full inventory and learn more about what the Town of Cary is doing to reduce its emissions.

Solar Energy

As part of our on-going commitment to the environment, the Town of Cary participates in solar projects where it makes operational and fiscal sense. Renewable energy is a great option for reducing the environmental impact of operations. The Town currently has a 1.89 megawatt solar energy farm, funded by a public-private partnership, which generates electricity that is sent back to the grid. Learn more about the public-private photovoltaic partnership in Cary.

The Town also owns smaller rooftop systems that use renewable energy for heating water for use in the facility or for offsetting electricity use on-site. 

The Town also has six bus stops that are lit with solar. These projects have provided much needed light where we were previously unlit.

LED Street Light Replacement Project

In an effort to implement energy savings projects and improve lighting on Cary streets, the Town is working with Duke Energy to replace street lights with Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures. Read more about the Town’s efforts to improve visibility on major thoroughfares and reduce energy consumption through the LED Street Lighting Replacement Project.

LED Traffic Signals

In 2005 the Town started converting its traffic signals to LED lights, resulting in the Town being the first municipality in North Carolina to achieve 100% LED traffic light conversion. The Town uses LED traffic signals because they substantially reduce energy and maintenance costs and offer improved visibility.