The Cary Green Neighborhood Project (CGNP) is a unique opportunity for Town of Cary residents to learn more about their surrounding land and water resources, and to become more involved in their conservation and protection.

Seven neighborhoods are participating in the CGNP. Participation by neighborhoods and their residents is completely voluntary. Neighborhoods, for the sake of the project, are defined as any group of interested and motivated residents with a minimum of 30 single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums or apartments.

Each participating neighborhood has a Volunteer Leadership Team, comprising at least two adults and two youth leaders (under the age of 18), who reside in the neighborhood. A special emphasis was placed on engaging youth in a leadership role in the project, as the Town would like to encourage and train future sustainability leaders. The Volunteer Leadership Team is responsible for promoting, coordinating and championing the project in their neighborhood and for serving as the primary contact for neighborhood residents, as well as the Town of Cary staff.

Household and Neighborhood Involvement

The main goal of CGNP is to encourage and motivate residents and neighborhoods — as a community — in adopting inexpensive and fun green actions in their everyday lives. CGNP supports and facilitates this on the household and community levels.

On the household level, residents will use the How Green Can I Be? form to make commitments based on personal preferences by choosing from a list of actions to complete within a year. The form lists about 40 simple green actions under six Green Action Categories, and provides links to helpful resources to assist residents in fulfilling their commitments. You can find out more on the Get Started page.

The more actions residents choose, the bigger the commitment! The more households that complete the form in a neighborhood, the higher the level of neighborhood recognition in the project. At the community level, the Volunteer Leadership Team will coordinate and organize fun Community Activities through which neighbors can learn, collaborate, and adopt green actions. Each Volunteer Leadership Team is responsible for coordinating at least three Community Activities, but teams are welcome to plan more!