The CGNP highly values the efforts of all neighborhoods participating in the project, so each neighborhood will be honored for the participation of its residents. Additionally, the high achieving neighborhoods will be honored with special Silver, Gold, or Platinum Level status.

In order to welcome both small and large communities we have created different thresholds for different sized neighborhoods, as outlined below. To be recognized in one of the high achieving groups, each neighborhood must organize at least 3 Community Activities and have at least the Silver Level percentage of households completing the How Green Can I Be? Form.

Size Category Number of Homes or Units
Small 30-100
Medium 101-500
Large 501 and more
Recognition Level Community Activities Completion of Green form by Percent of Total Households
Silver At least 3 Small = 12
Medium = 7%
Large =5%
Gold At least 3 Small =25%
Medium =15%
Large =10%
Platinum At least 3 Small =50%
Medium =30%
Large =20%

Volunteer Leadership Team Recognition

The adult and youth members of Volunteer Leadership Teams are the backbone of CGNP and deserve special recognition for their time, effort and dedication to make the project a success.

Volunteer Leadership Teams will be honored for their hard work and commitment at special Town events at the end of the project. The seven participating neighborhoods will also be recognized.

Please check back here in early 2017 for event details!