As described on the Get Started page, any Stoneybrook resident can get involved in their neighborhood's efforts to "go green" in two simple ways:

1. Commit at the Household Level by filling out the How Green Can I Be? form.


A progress dashboard been developed to highlight the number of forms filled out by Stoneybrook residents. The dashboard shows the progress of Stoneybrook towards its recognition as a Green Neighborhood. Silver, Gold and Platinum levels will be awarded depending on the number of forms that are filled out. This dashboard is updated in the first week of every month. 

 2. Get Together with Your Neighbors to Participate in Community Activities (coordinated by the Neighborhood Volunteer Team)

Get energized, have fun, and make new friends in your neighborhood while inspiring each other along the way by participating in several Community Activities being offered especially to your community. These activities, many of which are being brought to you at your doorstep, are excellent opportunities to learn something new or something you were always interested in but have never had a chance to engage in. 

Forthcoming Community Activities

There are no additional activities scheduled at this time.





Stoneybrook Estates

Updated on 04/25/2017 2:54 PM

Community Activities Completed To Date

Native plants for your backyard – Sept 10, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Marina Crosby

Activity Report

Rain garden installation and stormwater management workshop – Sept 13, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Rob Scherer

Activity Report coming soon

Creating a garden for wildlife: Walk and talk class – Oct 29, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Richard Carroll

Activity Report

Follow the water flow in your neighborhood – Nov 05, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Richard Carroll

Activity Report

Birds in your backyard – Dec 10, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Richard Carroll

Activity Report

Discover your backyard – Mar 11, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Richard Carroll

Activity Report

Nature night hike – Apr 07, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Terri Wilsona and Felicia Mooore

Activity Report

Stoneybrook's Volunteer Leadership Team describes their community as follows:

"Stoneybrook Estates is a beautiful, well-established neighborhood of homes built in the 60's and 70's in a central area of Town. These homes were built long before clear cutting of lots for construction was practiced. The lot sizes within the neighborhood are substantially larger compared with newer neighborhoods. The homes have their own style and people of different age groups share the joy of tending to their properties without the restrictions of an HOA. Many residents walk through the neighborhood on a daily basis either for the simple convenience of dropping off/picking their children from Farmington Woods Elementary School located very close by, or to simply exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Cary High School is also located at a walking distance from the neighborhood offering the teenagers a great opportunity to exercise and enjoy nature. The neighborhood boasts of a contiguous hardwood canopy which hosts birds and other wildlife. Several different species of birds delight the residents with their chirping and singing voices during the day, with the owls continuing the same during the night."

"The neighborhood is within the walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and retail shops making it an ideal place to call home in a central area of town."