As described on the Get Started page, any Riggsbee resident can get involved in their neighborhood's efforts to "go green" in two simple ways:

1. Commit at the Household Level by filling out the How Green Can I Be? form.


A progress dashboard has been developed to highlight the number of forms filled out by the Riggsbee residents. The dashboard shows the progress of Riggsbee towards its recognition as a Green Neighborhood. Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are awarded depending on the number of forms that are filled out. This dashboard is updated in the first week of every month.

2. Get Together with Your Neighbors to Participate in Community Activities (coordinated by the Neighborhood Volunteer Team)

Get energized, have fun, and make new friends in your neighborhood while inspiring each other along the way by participating in several Community Activities being offered especially to your community. These activities, many of which are being brought to you at your doorstep, are excellent opportunities to learn something new or something you were always interested in but have never had a chance to engage in. 

Forthcoming Community Activities

There are no additional activities scheduled at this time.





Riggsbee Farm

Updated on 04/25/2017 2:50 PM

Community Activities Completed To Date

Screened "Just Eat It," an educational documentary on Food Waste and Food Rescue – Sept 17, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Joe Rossabi

Activity Report

Refurbishing Neighborhood's Storm Sewer Outfall Pipe – Jan 21, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Joe Rossabi & Boy Scout Leader Bill Fitzgerald

Activity Report

Birdhouse building – Feb 11, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Joe Rossabi

Activity Report

Backyard vegetable gardening – Mar 25, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Nimiksha Patel

Activity Report

The Riggsbee Farm Volunteer Leadership Team describes their community as follows:

"Riggsbee Farm is a relatively small, mature neighborhood that began in the mid 90s with many young families whose cultural make-up reflected the vibrancy and metamorphic potential of Town of Cary at the time. As Cary has blossomed, the neighborhood has matched and has recently begun renewing with young families and a highly diverse ethnic and cultural composition. Its appealing landscaping, diverse features and friendly neighbors engenders a harmonious ecosystem and inspires healthy outdoor activities like neighborhood strolls and runs that seem to include every family. Riggsbee Farm endeavors to be at the forefront of positive ecological programs as evidenced by heavy participation in Cary's recycling program and recent conversion to LEDs in its entrance lighting and is thrilled to partner with the Town to lead the community in sustainable, green projects."