As described on the Get Started page, any Regency Estate resident can get involved in their neighborhood's efforts to "go green" in two simple ways:

1. Commit at the Household Level by filling out the How Green Can I Be? form.


A progress dashboard has been developed to highlight the number of forms filled out by the Regency Estate residents. The dashboard shows the progress of Regency Estates towards its recognition as a Green Neighborhood. Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are awarded depending on the number of forms that are filled out. This dashboard is updated in the first week of every month.

2. Get Together with Your Neighbors to Participate in Community Activities (coordinated by the Neighborhood Volunteer Team)

Get energized, have fun, and make new friends in your neighborhood while inspiring each other along the way by participating in several Community Activities being offered especially to your community. These activities, many of which are being brought to you at your doorstep, are excellent opportunities to learn something new or something you were always interested in but have never had a chance to engage in. 

Forthcoming Community Activities

There are no additional activities scheduled at this time.





Regency Communities

Updated on 04/25/2017 2:46 PM

Community Activities Completed To Date

Birds in our backyard and painting the birdhouses – Aug. 13, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Patty Cervenka and Ava Mcdonald

Activity Report

Recycling facility tour – Aug 16, 2016 

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Patty Cervenka 

Activity Report

Neighborhood storm drain labeling – Summer 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator:  Patty Cervenka 

Activity Report

What you need to know about Roof-top Solar – Dec 03, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Patty Cervenka 

Activity Report

Informational table on green holiday season – Dec 17, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Patty Cervenka 

Activity Report

Bring on spring – Mar 26, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Patty Cervenka 

Activity Report 

Regency Communities' Volunteer Leadership Team describes their community as follows:

"Regency Communities is a vibrant, active community offering beautiful amenities, family-friendly social events and welcoming neighbors. Regency homeowners enjoy two community pools, tennis courts and a children's play area. There are several restaurants and shopping areas in convenient access. Getting on all major highways is quick and easy. Located in Southern Cary, Regency Communities residents enjoy the benefit of being able to walk to concerts at Koka Booth Amphitheater and walk on the trails around Symphony Lake and the Cary Greenway. "

"This community of almost 650 homes is hands-on with very involved neighbors. The richness of varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of residents provides them a perfect platform to continually learn about involvement in sustainability efforts."