As described on the Get Started page, any Lochmere resident can get involved in their neighborhood's efforts to "go green" in two simple ways:

1. Commit at household level by filling out the "How Green Can I Be?" form.


A progress dashboard has been developed to highlight the number of forms filled out by the Lochmere residents. The dashboard shows the progress of Lochmere towards its recognition as a Green Neighborhood. Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are awarded depending on the number of forms that are filled out. This dashboard will be updated in the first week of every month.

2. Get together with your neighbors to participate in community activities (coordinated by the neighborhood volunteer team).

Get energized, have fun, and make new friends in your neighborhood while inspiring each other along the way by participating in several Community Activities being offered especially to your community. These activities, many of which are being brought to you at your doorstep, are excellent opportunities to learn something new or something you were always interested in but have never had a chance to engage in. 

As a Lochmere resident you can sign up for any of the below activities by simply sending an email to your volunteer leader Cecelia Davidson at

Forthcoming Community Activities

There are no additional activities scheduled at this time.






Updated on 04/25/2017 2:41 PM

Community Activities Completed To Date

Guided Bike Tour – June 26, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Don Childrey

Activity Report

Home Energy Assessment and Efficient Lighting Options – Sept 07, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Cecelia Davidson

Activity Report

Hands-on Workshop on How to Install a Rain barrel – Oct 29, 2016

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Cecelia Davidsone/Julie Huffman 

Activity Report

Building a Bird House – Jan 21, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Cecelia Davidsone/Julie Huffman/Don Childrey 

Activity Report

Creating a Garden for Wildlife: Walk and Talk class – Feb 25, 2017

Volunteer Leader Coordinator: Cecelia Davidson 

Activity Report

Lochmere's Volunteer Leadership Team describes their community as follows:

"With an enviable East Cary location, mature landscaping, and plenty of outdoor recreation areas, Lochmere has always been a favorite Cary neighborhood. Built in the mid 80s and early 90s, the neighborhood (which has several subdivisions) is called home by almost 1900 families. It boasts of lots of trees, walking and biking trails, three community pools, tennis and volleyball courts, and three wonderful lakes. Within close proximity of the neighborhood are many premium grocery stores, restaurants, and even a local farmer's market in the summer. Koka Booth Amphitheater is close by and hosts outdoor concerts, festivals, and family movie nights from spring through fall for residents to enjoy."