The seven selected neighborhoods and their residents begin their CGNP participation here! And the sooner you get started, the better!

Residents can participate in two key ways:

1. Commit to Action in Your Home!

On a household level, residents can commit to taking green actions, based on their personal preferences, by filling out the How Green Can I Be? form. The form lists more than 40 simple, everyday green actions, separated into the following six Green Action Categories:

Protect Water Icon Create Healthy Yards Save Energy
Reduce Reuse Recycle Travel Smart Get Involved


For each green action listed on the form, residents indicate if they are already doing the action, are willing to commit to it within the next 12 months, or simply provide no response. While there is no verification as to whether or not actions are adopted, residents are encouraged to follow through on their commitments.

Click below on How Green Can I Be? form to begin filling out the form.* If you live in a single family home click the first "Get Started" icon. If you live in a townhome like Boundary Village click the second "Get Started".

Remember, the more households in a neighborhood that complete the form, the higher the recognition level for the neighborhood.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the form and helping your neighborhood become one of the first Green Neighborhoods in Cary!

*If you prefer to complete a printed copy of the form, please contact your neighborhood’s Volunteer Leader as listed on your neighborhood webpage.

2. Get Together to Learn and Do!

The second way for residents to participate is through Community Activities.