1. I’m interested in the project and would like for my neighborhood to participate. How can we participate?

We are glad to know you are interested in the CGNP and would like your neighborhood to participate. The project is grant funded and allows the Town to work with up to eight neighborhoods for this one-year project. The neighborhood selection process occurred in early 2016 and the final selection is now complete. We are sorry we won’t be able to accept any more neighborhoods at this point in time.

However, this project ends in March 2017 and if there is considerable interest by the Town neighborhoods the Town staff will look into the feasibility of having a newer group of neighborhoods implement the project in the second phase. Please send an email to project manager Shuchi Gupta if you (and your neighborhood) would be interested in participating in a future phase, if offered.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to explore the resources available under the project webpages. You may want to visit individual neighborhood pages and see how the project is coming along in these neighborhoods.

2. How were the participating neighborhoods selected? I am a Town resident but never received any information about the project.

Because the project requires substantial volunteer commitment, the Town staff initially reached out to a number of existing Town of Cary community volunteer teams to solicit early interest in the project. There was so much interest from these groups that a more extensive outreach/solicitation effort was not warranted. 

3. Is this project only meant for single family home neighborhoods? I live in an apartment/condo/townhome community and would like to participate if the project is offered again in future.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that a conscious effort was made to include multifamily housing developments (e.g. apartments, condos and town homes) in the current project. The CGNP project staff collaborated with the Project PHOENIX (a highly successful program between Cary police and managers of apartment communities in Cary) staff to build connections with multi-family housing developments. As a result of these efforts, we have one such development (Boundary Village Apartments) participating in the project. To learn more about Boundary Village, please refer to “participating neighborhoods” webpage. 

Please feel free send an email to project manager Shuchi Gupta if you (and your neighborhood) would be interested in participating in the next phase of the project, if offered.

4. What are the goals of Cary Green Neighborhood Project (CGNP)? 

The project has the following goals:

  • Support Town residents in terms of educational resources and community activities to adopt simple, easy and inexpensive green actions in everyday life.
  • Encourage residents of participating neighborhoods to participate in existing Town programs related to conservation and environmental protection.
  • Engage youth (under 18) and adult citizen volunteers in project implementation and train them as future community leaders on sustainable practices.

5. How will the project help the participating Town neighborhoods and its residents?

Town of Cary residents strongly identify with and are proud of their neighborhoods. This project seeks to strengthen that pride of place by recognizing neighborhoods for working together to enhance the environmental quality and health of our community.

The project reinforces the idea that people working together can build a better community. Continuing to build a strong community has helped the Town to be ranked among the best places to live, work, and play in the country. By engaging youth and adult residents of participating neighborhoods as Green Neighborhood leaders in the project, the Town is striving to encourage, train and support future sustainability leaders of these neighborhoods.

6. If I am unable to participate in the project currently, what can I do to contribute to this community initiative?

CGNP is a community initiative and is dependent upon the participation and involvement of its residents for success, but even if you do not live in a participating neighborhood we invite you to consider ways that you can live greener in your own home and get involved in your large community. You can do multiple things:

  • Get involved, participate and volunteer in environmental outreach programs that the Town organizes. A great way to stay in touch is by liking our Cary It Green Facebook page.
  • Explore the How Green Can I Be? form! Residents of the participating neighborhoods have the ability to fill it out online. While you won't be able to fill this out and submit, we welcome you to explore this pdf version of the form developed especially for motivated individuals like you. We would also like to encourage you to consider committing informally to at least a few green actions that fit into your lifestyle.
  • Spread the word about the project! Talk to and encourage your extended family, friends, neighbors etc. to explore the project webpage and resources it offers under “Resources” tab.

7. I have some specific questions about the project. Who should I get in touch with?

You can get in touch with Shuchi Gupta, Project Manager for CGNP. Email: shuchi.gupta@townofcary.org is the fastest way to reach Shuchi. You may also call her at 919-380-4232. Please note Shuchi works part time on the project so there might be a delay in her response to you. 

If you have an urgent question, you can also get in touch with Emily Barrett, Sustainability Manager at the Town at Emily.Barrett@townofcary.org or 919-469-5125.