When we join together for a cause or an activity, we encourage and energize each other, and inspire others to join us. The CGNP community activities are designed with just this thought in mind, with the additional benefit of being a lot of fun along the way!

Community activities are designed to motivate and educate neighborhood teams. The activities are built on the spirit of collaboration toward common goals: to motivate residents to engage in green actions and to increase their awareness of our environment and the impact we have on it.

Each participating neighborhood is required to organize at least three community activities, choosing activities based on the interests of its residents. The Town provides in-kind support to organize the activities. Early in the project, each neighborhood's volunteer leadership team will discuss possible community activities with their neighborhood so that they can assure interest.

Note: One component of the CGNP is to incentivize retention of storm water by providing funds to offset the cost for installation of storm water retention devices, such as rain gardens and rain barrels. The installation of such devices could be an option for a neighborhood’s Community Activity. These funds can be accessed through an application to the Town’s Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program.

In an effort to connect the participating neighborhoods with the best resources available, we have partnered with several local organizations for community activities. Subject experts from these organizations will be leading many of the activities offered. We are very thankful to all these partners for their time, support and collaboration on the project.

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