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What’s Happening Now

January/February 2020

 Q2_WalkerSt_PatchingAsphalt (Small)

This project will transform Walker Street at East Chatham Street into an accessible, multi-activity destination accommodating future opportunities for living, working, playing and civic engagement in Downtown Cary. As work continues, citizens can expect to see immediate changes that will modernize the intersection. Work is 60 percent complete.

Work Completed

  • Water line improvements are complete.
  • Sewer line improvements are complete.
  • Temporary traffic signals are complete.
  • Curb and gutter is complete at S. Walker St.
  • Storm drainage improvements are complete.
  • Sewer line point repairs are complete. 

Upcoming Work

  • Utility relocation work aerial (overhead to underground) by Duke Progress, Spectrum and AT&T. 
  • Traffic signal work
  • Curb, brick sidewalks and concrete sidewalks
  • Driveway and site restoration
  • Asphalt patching and asphalt resurfacing/paving at Walker St., E. Chatham St. and Waldo St.

Map of Construction Phases and Intersection Closures

Phase I (Waldo St. & Walker St. Intersection Closure): Work is complete excluding paving (Detour Map)

Phase II (S Walker St. Closure from E Chatham to Waldo St.): Work is ongoing. Expect spring 2020 completion (Detour Map)

Phase III (E Chatham and Walker St. Intersection Closure): Underground work is complete excluding final paving and striping. Expect spring 2020 completion  (Detour Map)

Walker St Construction Phase Map

Project Improvements

  • Sewer repairs and improvements
  • Stormwater improvements
  • Water main replacement and improvements
  • Aerial utility relocation to underground for new traffic signal
  • Upgraded sidewalk, curb, asphalt pavement and long life pavement markings
  • New architectural decorative black painted metal traffic signal poles and equipment

Lane Closures

To ensure safety to the workers, business owners, drivers and pedestrians during the work, the contractor will close portions of Walker St., Waldo St. and E. Chatham St. at intermittent phases during the project.
At least one travel lane through the work area will remain open during the work periods. 

Project Schedule

August 19, 2019: Begin Construction
Summer to Winter 2019: Phase I – Close Walker and Waldo Street Intersection
Fall 2019 to Spring 2020: Phase II – Close Walker Street between E. Chatham and Waldo Street
Late Fall 2019 (2-week period): Phase III – Close Walker Street and E. Chatham Street Intersection
Late Spring/Early Summer 2020: Substantially Complete Project (excludes metal signal poles/equipment)
Summer 2020: Complete Architectural Decorative Traffic Signal Poles/Equipment 
Winter 2020: Final Project Completion