Project Status

Project Update (May 2020)
  •  The private utility companies are finalizing their utility relocations that can be completed prior to construction. Some areas will need additional utility relocations as the roadway contractor begins their work.
  •  The contractor, Fred Smith Company, will begin construction in June 2020. The first steps for the contractor are as follows…
  1. Clearing – this will help utility companies to complete their relocations on the project.
  2. Erosion control Installation– Silt fence, check dams, tree protection fence, etc.
  3. Handicap ramp installations at the intersections with Harrison Avenue and Maynard Road at each end of the project – This is work does not require deep excavation and will improve safety for pedestrian traffic.
  4. School entrance widening and school sign relocation – As we all know there is no school in session at this point, resulting in a lot less traffic. Beginning the work related to the school entrance now will have less impact to the school and overall traveling public.
  5. Asphalt wedging throughout the project – With the current reduction in traffic we can efficiently complete this work with less impact to the traveling public.

Project Schedule

Reedy Creek Column 01

Phase 1
Clearing & Erosion Control
The contractor will perform the remainder of the clearing and establish erosion control measures.

Reedy Creek Column 02

Phase 2
Widening Reedy Creek Road
The contractor will widen Reedy Creek Road including grading, paving, curb and gutters, and sidewalk.

Reedy Creek Column 03

Phase 3
Roundabouts and Islands
The contractor will construct the roundabouts and center islands while traffic is shifted to the outside lanes.

Reedy Creek Column 04

Phase 4
Final Surface and Pavement Markings
The contractor will place the final surface of asphalt pavement and install all pavement markings.

What to Expect During Construction

Reedy Creek Column 05 Reedy Creek Column 06

  • Please observe all signs and flagger's directions.
  •  Please watch for lane closures and traffic shifts.
  • Every effort will be made to keep open access to your driveway at all time; should trucks temporarily be in the way, please speak with a crew member.
  • Please do not park within the work zone while the project is underway.
  • Drive slowly (5 miles per hour) if you accidentally enter a freshly paved area.
  • Please keep all yard debris out of the street/curb.
  • Keep children and pets out of work zone areas.
  • Please watch for personnel as they try to complete the project as swiftly and safely as possible.