Intersection Improvements Project -- FY2016

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April 2020 Project Update

We have revised the plans based on NCDOT comments and feedback and preparing to resubmit.  We are wrapping up real estate acquisition with less than 5 properties remaining to be closed.

Widening and paving has been complete at Chapel Hill Road and Bowden Street.  Final operations including pavement marking and seeding need to be completed.

January 2020 Project Update

Right of way and easement negotiations are ongoing with affected property owners. As of January 2020, over half of the affected properties have been settled.  

The required erosion control and environmental permits have been received. These permits allow the necessary ground disturbing activities to build the improvements. NCDOT permits are also required since most of these streets are on NCDOT maintained roadways. NCDOT must review and approve these plans before beginning construction.  Permit applications will be submitted to NCDOT over the next couple of weeks.

The Town has been coordinating with the NCDOT to add the Chapel Hill Road at Bowden Street improvements to their current repaving project in the same area. Construction has started on these improvements. This collaboration will get this improvement built sooner and with positive impacts to citizens and travelers.

Final designs are anticipated to be completed by winter 2020 with construction anticipated to start in spring 2020 pending right-of-way and easement acquisition.

Project Overview

This project provides for the design and construction of intersection improvements where there are potential congestion and safety issues. As part of the FY 2016 budget, $1 million has been appropriated to support the design and right-of-way acquisition, and as part of the FY 2017 budget, $3.25 million has been appropriated for construction of the project. These improvements will address pedestrian, bike, and vehicular safety and level of service concerns.

The following intersections have been selected for investigation:

  • Chapel Hill Road from Bowden Street to Sorrell Street: Provide a center turn lane between Bowden Street, East Johnson Street and Sorrell Street
  • SW Cary Parkway and Waldo Rood Boulevard: Turn lane extension and addition on north and southbound Cary Parkway and turn lane addition on eastbound Waldo Rood Boulevard
  • Waldo Rood Boulevard and MacArthur Drive: Installation of a new traffic signal
  • Kildaire Farm Road and Advent Court: Turn lane extension on southbound Kildaire Farm Road and turn lane addition on northbound Kildaire Farm Road
  • High House Road from Carpenter Upchurch Road to Widdington Lane, including Jenks Carpenter Road: Signal installation, left turn lane addition into Whittington Lane, turn lane extension on northbound Jenks Carpenter Road, and pedestrian improvement

The Kildaire Farm Road and Ten-Ten Road intersection was on the initial list of selected improvements for this project. Improvements at this intersection will now be incorporated into an upcoming North Carolina Department of Transportation project along Ten-Ten Road.

NCDOT has completed construction of the left turn lane extension at Davis Drive and Waldo Rood Boulevard. This improvement was jointly funded with the NCDOT.

SEPI Engineering & Construction, Inc. has been hired to perform the initial data collection and engineering design.

A traffic analysis report has been completed. The recommended list of intersections and improvements were approved for further investigation at the July 14, 2016 Town Council meeting. A public meeting was held on August 29, 2016. Concept plans of each location were available to review and project team members were on hand to discuss the project. The final concept maps and scope of the recommended improvements were approved by Town Council during the December 8, 2016 council meeting.

Public Outreach Maps

Final Concept Maps

Project Schedule

Fall 2018: Right of Way and Utility Plans Complete

Winter 2018 to Fall 2019: Right of Way Acquisition

Winter 2019: Final Plans Complete

Spring 2020: Construction Advertisement

Helpful Links

July 14, 2016 Town Council Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2016 Town Council Meeting Minutes

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