Public Meeting #1

Project Update

The Town’s study to develop an overall vision for the Green Level Church Road corridor through the existing Historic District is complete. The final concept plan is available here.

Project Background

The Town’s Green Level Historic District has experienced considerable change over the last decade with changes in land ownership, increasing residential development and new school construction. As a result of this growth and based on future traffic projections, the Imagine Cary Community Plan recommended a future four-lane median divided roadway for Green Level Church Rd. through the historic district.

Currently a rural two-lane road, the study will identify and examine context-sensitive design alternatives along this corridor that take into account the community and land uses along the Green Level Church corridor.

The Town initiated the Green Level Church Rd. feasibility study with the consulting firm SEPI in March 2018. The study will develop an overall vision for the corridor and recommend appropriate transportation solutions that can accommodate future transportation and greenway needs, serve motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, and fit the unique historic context of the area.

Staff held open houses in September 2018 and May 2019 to gather input and review draft concepts with interested residents and stakeholders. 

Project Cost and Schedule

The feasibility study is complete. There is currently no funding designated for design and construction of the future road improvements.


Juliet Andes, AICP Facilities Planning Manager
Transportation & Facilities Department
(919) 462-2008