Street Light Program

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Street Light Installation

Town of Cary Policy No. 13 requires that street lights in residential areas be placed at all intersections, at the 'neck' of cul-de-sacs over 200 feet long, and every 400 to 600 feet. To request installation of additional street lighting in areas not meeting this standard, you can email Kyle Hubert, Transportation Engineering Supervisor, or call (919) 462-3938.

Site/Subdivision Review Process

To initiate a street lighting installation, a Checklist for Roadway Lighting Request must be completed and returned to Cary as part of site/subdivision plan review process.

Street Light Outages

Duke Energy Progress maintains most of the street lights in Cary. Report a street light outage or malfunction online, or call the Duke Energy Progress customer service center at (919) 508-5400 with the location or the number on the light pole. 

What Information to Provide for Street Light Outages

Where is the light? It's most helpful to have the street light's pole number, or "DIS" number, which is located on a yellow sign on the street side of the pole about five feet off the ground. You can also count the number of lights between the bad light and an obvious landmark, such as an intersection or building. Some light locations can be described by the address of the building behind the light.

What is the light doing? If it goes out as a car approaches, or it does not work from dusk to dawn, the light's photo sensor may need to be adjusted. If the light "cycles" between on an off, the bulb may be going bad. This information is useful when contacting Duke Energy Progress because these lights may be working when crews arrive.

How many lights are out? A single light out usually requires a simple repair that typically can be made the next working day. Multiple lights out usually indicate damage to underground power lines which usually require a few days to repair since excavation is generally required. This is common in areas of active construction.

How long does it take to fix street lights? Duke Energy Progress crews make simple repairs the next working day after a street light outage is reported. Underground line repairs require more time.

Upgraded Street Lighting

A Homeowner’s Association (HOA) may request to upgrade their existing standard street light system and have the Town reimburse the HOA in an amount equal to the monthly cost of the standard street lighting provided:

  • The Home Owner's Association (HOA) requests an upgraded street lighting plan from the utility company.
  • The Town reviews the upgraded street lighting plan to ensure it meets Town standards.
  • The HOA may request additional street lighting at their expense.
  • The HOA pays all costs associated with removal of existing street lighting and installation of the upgraded street light system.
  • The HOA pays the utility company for the monthly street light bill.
  • The HOA executes a reimbursement contract with the town.
  • The Town reimburses the HOA semiannually.

For more information on upgraded street lighting options and associated costs, visit the Duke Energy website. To request upgrading a standard street light system, you can email Kyle Hubert, Transportation Engineering Supervisor or call (919) 462-3938.