Stormwater Projects

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The Water Resources Department implements improvements to the stormwater system to prevent flooding and property damage. Improvements include adding or repairing catch basins, pipes (excluding residential rain gutters and downspouts), drains, culverts, open ditches, creeks and rivers that carry unpolluted stormwater runoff. 


Summer Lakes Drive Storm Drainage Improvements

Overview: This project focuses on improving the storm drainage under Summer Lakes Drive in the Preston Subdivision. The existing storm drainage system is inadequately sized to for the volume of stormwater runoff at this location. As a result, adjacent private property floods during large rain events. This project was identified by citizens concerns over flooding. The project is funded through the Stormwater Capital Improvement Requests – Public Property Project (Policy Statement 146).

This project will improve the drainage under Summer Lakes Drive by replacing the existing storm drainage pipe with a larger capacity pipe. The improvements are anticipated to consist of:

  • Upsizing the existing culvert
  • Adding several street storm drains to provide adequate street drainage
  • Repaving impacted section of roadway
This project will result in a temporary road closure of Summer Lakes for a few months during construction.

Currently in design. 


Daniel R Clinton, P.E
Stormwater Engineer
Water Resources Department
(919) 380-2773

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The Town's stormwater management program includes educational and regulatory initiatives to encourage environmentally sound development.