Stormwater Projects

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The Stormwater Division implements improvements to the stormwater system to prevent flooding and property damage. Improvements include adding or repairing catch basins, pipes (excluding residential rain gutters and downspouts), drains, culverts, open ditches, creeks and rivers that carry unpolluted stormwater runoff. 


Ellynn Drive Emergency Culvert Replacement

Overview: This project replaces the stormwater culvert under Ellynn Drive in the Greenwood Forest Subdivision. The existing metal culvert has rusted out and has caused the roadway above it to fail.  As a result, Cary closed the road to traffic in October. The design of a new system was fast-tracked and put out to bid in November. We are currently awaiting the private utility companies to relocate their lines so that the construction can begin. This project is funded through the Stormwater Condition Assessment Project.

Details: Ellyn Drive between Greenwood Drive and Elm Street will be temporarily closed for a few months during construction.  Access to properties will be maintained throughout the project. 

Schedule: To be determined once utility companies relocate their lines.


Jan Patterson, PE, CPESC
(919) 460-4930

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The Town’s stormwater management program includes educational and regulatory initiatives to encourage environmentally sound development.

Vinecrest Court Storm Drainage Improvements

Overview: This project focuses on improving the street storm drainage at Vinecrest Court in the Lochmere Village Subdivision. The existing street storm drainage system does not adequately drain the street during heavy storm events, limiting access to homes in the cul-de-sac. The project is supported with Street Drainage Improvement funds.

Details: The primary components of this project include:

  • Upsizing the existing street storm drainage pipes
  • Adding several street storm drains to provide adequate street drainage
  • Repaving the impacted section of the roadway
  • Extending storm drainage pipes to capture runoff prior to washing into the street.

This project will result in partial street closures throughout construction.

Schedule: This project is in design and is scheduled for construction winter 2020.


Billy Lee, PE
(919) 462-3932