White Oak Greenway Boardwalk Re-decking

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Two boardwalks near Green Level Church Road will be re-decked. This will require CLOSURE of these areas while work is occurring. Signage will be installed notifying all users of the closure. A recommended detour will involve usage of Green Level West Road to maintain connection between American Tobacco Trail and the continuation of White Oak Greenway. For detour, see image below.

Detour around White Oak Greenway re-decking project

Project Schedule

Work will typically occur on weekdays beginning each Monday morning and reopening the following Friday in order to be accessible on weekends. No work will occur on Thanksgiving (Nov 26th & 27th), or December 24th thru January 3rd

  • Work is planned to start October 26th, 2020.
  • Work is planned to be complete in Spring 2021.

 Work and schedule is weather dependent and may change.



We annually get 1/3 of our pedestrian structures inspected by a third party consultant.  However,      for the White Oak Creek Greenway boardwalks, several years ago we started to notice regular deterioration and changed these structures to annual inspections to try and keep up with regular maintenance.  Based on the most recent inspection it is time to re-deck the structure completely and make minor structural repairs that are needed. 

The base bid was to replace the existing wood decking with wood.  Treated wood is expected to last about 10 years over the wetlands and this structure is currently about 12 years old.  However, we also bid alternates for composite decking.  Along with expected life of 20 plus years and a 10-year warranty on materials the composite has an additional benefit, the coefficient of friction is higher so should provide additional traction to the decking. 





Paul Kuhn, PLA
CARY-Transportation & Facilities