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Greenway Resurfacing and Repair

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Project Schedule

Annie Jones - Park to McCloud Court: Currently under construction
Annie Jones (northern end):  In Bidding
Davis Drive - Loop Trail: Under contract
White Oak - MacArthur Drive to Cary Pkwy: Under contract
Oxford Hunt - Bond Park to Oxford Hunt: Under construction
West Regional Library: Evaluated
Northwoods:  In bidding
Preston Village:  In bidding

 Greenway Resurfacing

Project Background

This annual maintenance project provides for resurfacing of greenways throughout Cary. Greenway trails frequently experience asphalt deterioration as a result of being in low, flood-prone environments, and lifting or cracking caused by tree root systems. Greenways are selected for repair based on a priority ranking system that considers park renovation schedules in addition to condition.

Asphalt trails typically last 20 years. At ten years, minor repairs are made, and a surface coating is applied. At 20 years, the asphalt is removed and replaced. Greenway repairs involving asphalt require temperatures at or above 50 degrees. Most closures for repairs will typically last one to three days, and periodic closings of strategic repair sections will permit the greenways to remain open as long as possible. Signs will be used to direct trail users around repair areas as needed.

Work includes:

  1.  Clearing and redefining overgrown drainage swales
  2.  Installing French drains where needed
  3.  Replacing damaged and unsafe asphalt
  4.  Sealing cracks and sealcoating asphalt

The Town of Cary routinely monitors all pedestrian bridges and tunnels on greenways, other trails and in parks. The Town currently has a contract with WSP, a structural engineering firm, to perform this work. WSP routinely inspects all pedestrian structures and notifies the town when repairs need to be made.


Paul Kuhn, PLA
Facilities Design and Construction Manager
(919) 469-4360

Kat Williams, PLA
Design Assistant
(919) 380-4238