Black Creek Greenway - Phases I, II & V Renovation Project

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Black Creek Greenway from Castalia Dive to Bond Park will have intermittent closures starting October 7th and ending October 18th for repaving.

Project Background

The 2.5-mile section of the Black Creek Greenway under redesign was constructed approximately 25 years ago between West Dynasty Drive and Old Reedy Creek Road. Since then it has become one of the Town's most popular greenways due to its length and connection to other important recreational and open space areas. It now extends continuously for 7.1 miles from Lake Crabtree in the north starting at the Old Reedy Creek Road across town to the greenway hub located in Bond Park, the Town of Cary's largest municipal park. From there it connects to other trails, most importantly the White Oak Greenway, which is currently made up of 4.8 miles of trail sections. It will eventually connect to the American Tobacco Trail as a continuous trail of over seven miles in length. The Black Creek/White Oak Greenway trail system within Cary was added to the East Coast Greenway which will eventually go from Maine to Florida.

This section of greenway trail is eight feet wide and does not meet Cary’s current greenway design standard minimum of 10 feet wide for asphalt trails and 12 feet wide for bridges. The trail is often severely impacted by heavy rains. It is in need of major upgrades and realignment improvements to safely accommodate the increased use and to prevent storm damage. In addition the construction of Phases I & II of the Black Creek Greenway, Phase V has been added to the project. The construction of this .25 mile of greenway trail will eliminate an extremely steep 0.4 mile sidewalk connection between Phases II & III of the greenway trail. The construction of Phase V will make the Black Creek Greenway more accessible and enjoyable to a wider segment of the population by providing a continuous greenway trail that maintains a manageable slope for bicyclists and the general population. The primary objectives of the project are to:

  1. Upgrade the trail so it meets current Town of Cary greenway standards
  2. Improve overall trail drainage to eliminate the on-going maintenance currently required
  3. Where possible relocate sections of the trail away from the creek that frequently floods
  4. Realign trail to eliminate sharp dangerous curves
  5. Upgrade and elevate the existing bridges to reduce flooding
  6. Treat run-off when possible to improve water quality
  7. Eliminate the steep sidewalk connection on West Dynasty Drive

Map of Existing Conditions

Map of Renovation Project

Grant Approved Phases I & V

Project Cost and Schedule

The total project budget for Design and Construction is $6,000,000.

  • Began Flood Study and Greenway Design: Winter 2016
  • Complete Flood Study, Greenway Design and Permitting: Fall 2020
  • Complete easement acquisition: Fall 2020.


Amy Mackintosh, PLA
Landscape Architect - Project Manager
Transportation & Facilities Department
Town of Cary
(919) 460-4973