American Tobacco Trail Yates Store Road Pedestrian Tunnel

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Project Background

Yates Store Road is being extended from its current dead end to East Ferrell Road by the developer of the Montvale subdivision. The developer of Montvale will construct a tunnel for the American Tobacco Trail to pass under the extension of Yates Store Road. This tunnel will be located a mile south of the New Hope Church Road Trailhead. The tunnel will be located slightly east of the current trail to minimize disruption to trail use during construction. The tunnel will be 12 feet wide, 12 feet tall and 68 feet long. See the approved plans for the American Tobacco Trail-Yates Store Road Tunnel.   

After construction is complete, a 50-foot landscaping buffer will be planted along the American Tobacco Trail where trees were cleared. This buffer will include a variety of trees and shrubs that are similar to what was there previously. Landscaping will also be provided along the approaches to the tunnel.

Map of Project Area

Project Schedule 

Work began in August 2017 and is expected to continue through early summer 2018. Brief closures may be required from time to time, resulting in the use of flaggers to direct traffic until work is completed. Final landscaping is not expected until late 2018. 




Paul Kuhn, PLA
Facilities Design & Construction Manager
Transportation & Facilities Department
Town of Cary
(919) 469-4360