Historic Preservation Master Plan

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On May 27, 2010, the Town of Cary adopted a town-wide historic preservation master plan that will provide a road map for preservation policies and activities over the next 10 years. Developed with input from the community, Town boards and the Town Council, the plan offers a vision for preservation through a series of goals, objectives and actions.

The plan:

  • Reviews Cary’s growth and development
  • Summarizes past and current preservation efforts
  • Describes the planning process that led to the goals and objectives
  • Presents implementation actions

The appendix to the plan includes a summary of public comments and input given during the planning process as well as a summary of the existing inventory of Cary’s historic properties.

Table of Contents

Cover Page
Executive Summary

II History of Cary’s Growth and Development
III Past and Current Preservation in Cary
IV The Planning Process
V Implementation Actions and Recommendations (by Goal)
VI Plan Implementation
VII Conclusion

Appendix A - Documentation of Public Input
Appendix B - Example Historic Preservation Ordinance
Appendix C - Endnotes
Appendix D - Existing Inventory of Cary's Historic Resources

Because the plan is intended to be used for 10 years, there is a lengthy set of implementation actions. However, the actions are to be initiated and implemented in three phases that will integrate preservation into existing land use policies while developing a strong preservation program:

Phase I – Strengthening the Framework – Actions to be initiated and implemented in years 1-3
Phase II – Program Development – Actions to be initiated and implemented in years 4-7
Phase III – Looking Ahead – Actions to be initiated and implemented in years 8-10


For more information, contact:

Anna Readling, Senior Planner
Town of Cary Planning and Development Services Department
P.O. Box 8005
Cary, NC  27512