Body-Worn Cameras

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Project Background

In an effort to capture and preserve interactions between police officers and the public, promote officer safety, and assist with investigations, the Town of Cary implemented a system for body-worn and in-car digital cameras in 2019. This initiative includes cameras and charging stations, a digital file management and storage system for audio/video files, installation services, training and maintenance, and related services.

Review the Request for Proposals (RFP), addendum 1, and addendum 2.

Project Schedule

  • Summer 2018: Issued RFP
  • Fall 2018: Vendor selection
  • Winter 2019 (December 2018): Hardware acquisition, training, and beginning of installation (tentative)
  • Summer 2019: Body cameras implemented for all sworn officers

Project Update (Summer 2019)

In the summer of 2019, the police department implemented body cameras for all sworn police officers. These cameras are required to be on during any enforcement or investigative activity. There are some places by law we cannot record, for example, such as in court houses, hospitals (with narrow exceptions), jails (where facilities have their own systems), bathrooms, locker rooms, and any other places where there is an expectation of personal privacy. N.C. law governs the viewing or obtaining copies of video recordings, and typically requires a court order. However, a person who is present or their voice is heard in the video, may make a request through the department to view the portion of the video where they appear or their voice is heard. More information on the law that governs law enforcement video can be found in N.C. General Statute 132-1.4(a) Law Enforcement Agency Recordings. If you would like to take a look at our body cam policy you may make a request through our Records department.


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Cary Police Department
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