Facility Improvements

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Project Background

The Town maintains more than 70 facilities. Improvements to these facilities are necessary to increase efficiency, enhance programs, and to maintain operations. Additionally, improvement projects help minimize operational cost and allow staff to offer the best services possible.

Current Projects

Facility improvement projects vary in scale and type which range from resolving small maintenance issues to space renovations. These projects also provide opportunities to improve accessibility so that programs and services are available to everyone. No matter what type of scale, all are equally important to increase the life of the facility.

Below is a list of current improvement projects that includes the facility, summary of the work to be completed, construction costs, and the staff contact for the project.

Bond Park Comfort Station ADA Improvements 

(Cost Estimate for Design, Construction, & Contingency - $150,000)

Summary: Bond Park Comfort Station #2 was built over 30 years ago and continues to serve hiking trails and three sports fields. The first of two facility projects was completed in January which replaced the existing asphalt sidewalks with new concrete sidewalks. For second improvement project, the existing restroom fixtures will be upgraded and two new accessible restrooms will be added to the existing facility. Accessible mobile restrooms and hand washing station will be available on-site throughout construction.

Design / Construction / Completion: Fall 2019 / Winter 2020 / Summer 2020

Contact: Reid Saunders, (919) 380-2785 / reid.saunders@townofcary.org

Digital Signage in Town Hall

Summary: Digital signs will replace the existing plastic room signs on Town Hall conference rooms. Integration with Office 365 will allow room schedules to be displayed in real time, and will enable the display of urgent alerts to all signs when necessary. This project includes upgrades to the monitors in the Town Hall atrium, enabling display of live video feeds during Council meetings. 

Installation: Winter 2019

Contact: Dale Naleway, (919) 462-2056 / dale.naleway@townofcary.org