Downtown Park Administrative Offices

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Project Background

There are approximately 2,200 square feet of unfinished interior space in the basement level of the Downtown Cary Library. Although the new library building is owned and operated by Wake County, Cary paid for additional space to be built and reserved for future use. The unfinished space is an ideal location for the new downtown park administration offices due to the extensive programming and services the new park will offer and manage throughout the year.

Project Scope

The entire downtown park block between Walnut, Academy, Park, and Walker Streets will be fully developed up to every existing, adjacent curb and property line, which minimizes areas for construction parking and a construction trailer. Since Cary does not have an immediate need for the office space until the park is built, the unfinished space will be renovated to serve as the general contractor’s temporary office space to manage the Downtown Park while under construction. Once construction is 90% complete, the general contractor will move out and final finishes will be installed so Cary staff can occupy the space to manage the Downtown Park.

Project Cost and Schedule

Phase One Construction Cost

  • General Contractor’s temporary offices is estimated at $200,000.

Phase One Schedule:

  • Summer 2020: Design 
  • Spring 2021: Construction Completion (Coincides with the start of the Downtown Park construction)

Phase Two Construction Cost:

  • Primarily consists of installing remaining Finishes, Furnishing and Equipment (FFE). 
  • Remaining costs for the FFE is estimated at $100,000.

Phase Two Schedule:

  • Fall 2021: Design
  • Spring 2023: Installation Completion


Reid Saunders, Architect
Transportation & Facilities Department
(919) 380-2785