Carpenter Fire Station Road Widening

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Project Background

Carpenter Fire Station Road currently carries about 13,000 vehicles per day, compared to 3,500 in 2003. Traffic, higher than average for a two-lane road, will continue to increase as northwest Cary continues to grow. Widening the road will reduce congestion and improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. The roadway currently has no pedestrian or bicycle accommodations. This enhanced pedestrian connectivity will help citizens in nearby neighborhoods access destinations such as the Northwest Cary YMCA, Crosspointe Church and a Carpenter Fire Station Neighborhood Park being planned at the intersection of Carpenter Fire Station Road and Highcroft Drive.

Project Overview

The project consists of widening Carpenter Fire Station Road from Cameron Pond Drive to NC 55.

Map of Project Limits

The existing roadway is primarily two lanes wide. The project will widen the roadway to a four-lane, median-divided section with curb and gutter, aesthetically enhanced medians, street lighting, pedestrian and bicycle facilities consistent with our Cary Community Plan.

This project is also being coordinated with the Carpenter Fire Station Road Bridge and Intersection Improvements Project. Together these projects will provide improvements to this important thoroughfare including increased mobility and reduced congestion between Yates Store Road and Good Hope Church Road in western Cary.

The Town selected RK&K to provide professional service, including planning, design and preparation of construction documents. Cary staff will need to coordinate with NCDOT throughout the design process since Carpenter Fire Station Road is a NCDOT maintained roadway.

Project Status

Our second public workshop was held on November 12, 2019 at the NW Cary YMCA/Crosspointe Church, located at 6911 Carpenter Fire Station Road. Updated preliminary plans were available for viewing. These plans were developed based on feedback from the local community and Cameron Pond residents. The plans now include a 10-feet wide, street side trail on the south side of Carpenter Fire Station Road that will run the length of the project. Two new traffic signals, including pedestrian signals and crosswalks at Cameron Pond Drive and Highcroft Drive, will also be noted on the plans. Also included in the plans are, sidewalks on the north side and outside travel lanes that will accommodate the bicycle community. Preliminary plans for the four-lane, median divided facility were originally presented at the previous workshop on February 26th, 2019. Right of Way plans are now being developed based on feedback that was received at both workshops. This project was approved by Town of Cary voters as part of the 2019 Bond Referendum.

Project Cost

A total of $10.4 million is included in the Capital Improvements Budget. $1.1 million is budgeted for design, $3.2 million for right of way and easement acquisition, and $6.1 million for construction.

Project Schedule

Anticipated start and completion of this project will occur 2020-2024. 

Summer 2020: Right of Way and Utility Plans Complete
Fall 2020 to Spring 2021: Right of Way Acquisition
Fall 2021: Final Plans Complete
Winter 2022: Construction Advertisement


Tom Ellis, PE
Project Engineer
Transportation & Facilities Department
(919) 469-4333