Bicycle/Pedestrian Counting Program

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Project Background

As part of the FY2012 Transportation Bond, the Town of Cary ordered and installed bicycle and pedestrian counting devices made by EcoCounter. The devices are designed to compile bicycle and pedestrian usage data on the Town's greenway and bicycle system. The Town will utilize one of these units in a permanent location on the Black Creek Greenway to learn more about usage and analyze trends. Two additional units will be periodically circulated throughout the bicycle and greenway system to collect additional user data.

Project Scope

The counter technology consists of a "pyro" box strategically placed along trails to tally the precise number of runners, bikers and walkers using infrared technology. Paired with a "zelt loop" installed on the trail or in a bike lane, these counts can be separated to capture the exact number of cyclists and pedestrians as separate counts, 24 hours a day. These counts allow for the tracking and comparison of the number and types of users on the greenway and bicycle system at various time increments such as hourly, daily, seasonally, or annually.

Over time, the numbers will help evaluate bicycling and walking mode share on the Town's system, monitor commuting patterns and recreational trips and identify trends. The data collected will help the town prioritize infrastructure projects, support grant applications and plan for future facilities.

For questions about the Town's Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting program contact the Transportation and Facilities staff below.


 Juliet Andes, AICP
Facilities Planning Manager
Transportation & Facilities Department
Town of Cary
(919) 462-2008