2020 Rezoning and Preliminary Development Plan (20-REZ-01)

On January 28, 2020, the developer proposed several changes to Fenton’s existing zoning and preliminary development plan.  The proposed zoning and preliminary development plan continue to include vertically mixed uses designed around an “L-shaped” main street where residential and /or office uses are located on top of ground floor retail tenants.  There are no proposed increases to the amount of floor area or number of dwelling units approved in the original rezoning.  In general terms, the proposal includes the following changes and adjustments:

  • Adding additional uses in selected building pods
  • Adding vertical integration for 2 building pods
  • Adding a drive-thru ATM adjacent to parking deck D-1
  • Providing the option to remove building pod 9 and replace with an expanded footprint for parking deck D-3 if the façade is designed to look like a real building
  • Increasing building height for 4 building pods up to a maximum of 12 stories

Some other proposed minor changes include clarifying the definition of “vertical integration,” increasing flexibility with the placement of retaining walls and landscaping along Cary Towne Boulevard, adding flexibility regarding the location of trash collections, and allowing gated parking for residences within parking decks.