Virtual Town Hall: Your Questions Answered

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Virtual Town Hall: Your Questions Answered


The following questions were submitted by citizens to the Virtual Town Hall held on April 30, 2020. Due to the large number of questions we received, not all were able to make it on to the broadcast. However, you can find answers to all of the questions submitted to the event below, with some edits for clarity or consolidation.

This list is comprised of questions submitted exclusively for this event. For common questions related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, visit our COVID-19 FAQs page.


General Operations

Has consideration been given to having remote meetings for Council, Boards, Commissions, and Committees?
Are you able to share development plans for the old library site on Academy Street?
Is it possible to require road widths in communities to allow emergency vehicles or buses to get through, as well as ratios of off-street parking to bedrooms?
With the installation of underground utilities ongoing, what is Cary doing to ensure that Internet lines aren't cut, disrupting the ability to work from home?
What is the status of the Fenton Project?
Can the Town issue pre-approved building plans for common projects to promote home repairs and improvements?
When making a left on Old Apex Road to High House, why is the traffic light a solid red arrow instead of flashing yellow?
Why are Cary roads so dark and poorly marked?
Is the Town of Cary seeking any development partners?
Can the Virtual Town Hall platform be carried into the future past this epidemic?
Will the Indoor Community Sports Complex at Cary Towne Center be funded as planned?
Are capital projects such as the Downtown Park still going to happen?
Does Cary have any plans to help teachers provide more vigorous education through online platforms or other mechanisms?


Law Enforcement

Are there plans to enforce speed limits in neighborhoods during the Stay at Home Order?
Why can't people be ticketed for not abiding by stay-at-home orders, or why aren't they being ticketed? Can you take down nets at parks to discourage play?
Can the Town of Cary do anything about the coyotes in my yard?
Will the Council consider a ban on the use of drones to enforce the stay-at-home order due to a considerable amount of privacy concerns?
Will the Council consider banning the use of facial recognition programs by local law enforcement?


Trash & Recycling

When will Cary resume bulk trash pick-ups?
Can citizens receive larger recycling bins, or can the Town collect recycling weekly?
Are there plans for more frequent pick-ups of trash and recycling for the duration of the stay-at-home order?


Parks, Greenways, and Recreational Programming

When will the parks and playgrounds reopen?
What will the opening of parks look like for Cary during Phase 1 of the Governor's reopening plan and how will they be policed?
Are there any recommendations for reopening pools in communities and at gyms?
Is there an opportunity to include the proposed greenway crossing in the current construction on NC-540?
When will classes and activities resume at the Cary Senior Center?
Can you put more signage along the greenways to encourage trail etiquette and social distancing?
Can you remind citizens to park at designated trailhead parking lots instead of side streets?
According to the Governor, tennis is still allowed. Are there plans being put in place to allow the tennis center to reopen safely and for the tennis pros to begin giving lessons again?


COVID-19 Response

Has any thought been given to how life in Cary will be different when things truly get back to normal?
How many cases of COVID-19 are there in Cary and how many people have died?
Even after reopening non-essential businesses, will social distancing still be enforced with large groups, or will there be no large groups like concerts and festivals?
Are community leaders discussing a web-based portal or application to monitor where COVID-19 cases are in the community and where individuals had been during the pandemic?
Will Cary consider requiring citizens to wear face masks in public?
Will Cary enforce orders implemented by Wake County that are more strict than State Executive Orders? Will the town respond to "tattling" on neighbors?
Will property taxes be suspended for 2020 in light of COVID-19?
Will the Council consider a voluntary pay cut to stand in solidarity with their constituents and to improve the Town's finances?
Why has the Town's Twitter ID for safety issues, @TOC_Safety, not been used for the COVID-19 outbreak?
How does the Biobot system work, and are the results giving the town a more realistic evaluation of the households affected by COVID-19?