Water Transmission Main, Connections to the Finished

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 Prepared by:                        Steve Brown, Director of Water Resources 

Supersedes:                         11/10/93

Adopted by Council:            10/30/14 

Effective:                               10/30/14 


To establish guidelines for providing water service to property located along the Finished Water Transmission Main.  The Finished Water Transmission Main is a major water line which is the sole connection between the Cary/Apex Water Treatment Facility and the Town of Cary's water distribution system (see attached map).  Limiting the number and type of connections will minimize disruption of water service.


This policy shall apply to any property within the Cary Utility Service Area located along the Finished Water Transmission Main that requests a connection to the Town of Cary water distribution system.


This policy provides restrictions to the location, size and number of water connections.  The requirements of this policy are not intended to exempt other policies.  All construction shall meet the current Town Standard Specifications.  The requirements vary for small connections and large connections and are as follows:

1.         Small Connections

These are water connections which are four (4) inches or smaller in diameter.  Typically small connection installations are for individual water services where a meter is placed on the lot requesting water service.

a.         Small connections cannot directly tap the Finished Water Transmission Main.  Connections may only be allowed to tap existing fire hydrant legs. 

b.         The water meter shall be placed at the right of way line.  The meter shall be placed no greater than twenty (20) feet from the fire hydrant and located on the lot requesting water service.  The service line shall in no case parallel the roadway in order to serve a lot which does not have a fire hydrant located along the frontage. 

2.         Large Connections

            These are water connections which are six (6) inches or larger in diameter.  Large connections are made for subdivisions and sites which require fire protection.

a.         Large connections shall be allowed on the Finished Water Transmission Main for sites and subdivisions.  Large connections which reduce in size to bypass the requirements for small connection will not be allowed.

b.         Connections for new fire hydrants will only be allowed if required by the Fire Department for fire protection.

c.         Parallel water lines to serve properties with frontage along the Finished Water Transmission Main will be allowed.  The minimum distance between connections of the parallel line to the Finished Water Transmission Main shall be 2,000 feet.  If the property owner elects to receive service by constructing a parallel water line, the water line shall extend along the entire property frontage.

d.         When existing parallel water lines are located in an area where a connection is requested, permission must be granted by the Director of Water Resources to connect to the Finished Water Transmission Main in lieu of the parallel water line.