Traffic Signalization Costs, Town Participation in

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Prepared by:  Laura Cove, Director of Transportation and Facilities
Adopted by Council:  10/30/14
Supersedes:  12/19/13
Effective:  10/30/14


To provide a means by which the Town can participate in the cost of traffic signalization projects funded by private entities where the citizens of Cary will derive considerable benefit.


This policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall apply to all traffic signalization projects within the Town of Cary that are warranted and installed by NCDOT or their contractor and are funded by private funds.


Any private entity within the Town of Cary or its ETJ who may desire installation of traffic signal at a certain location shall begin by making application to the NCDOT Division Traffic Engineer.  If the requested signal can be justified using current NCDOT traffic warrants and NCDOT funding is not available and will not be available within a reasonable period, the Town of Cary will consider participating in the cost of the signalization.

In order for the Town to consider the request, the private entity or their agent must present a written request to the Director of Transportation and Facilities along with a proposed signalization plan and cost estimates.  The Director of Transportation and Facilities shall study the request, determine support for the request and approve if funding is available.  If funding is not available, the Director of Transportation and Facilities shall prepare a Staff Report and ordinance amendment for consideration by the Town Council.  

The Town of Cary shall have the options to not participate in the cost of the project at all or to participate at any level up to a maximum of 25 percent of the total cost.   Typically, a lump sum not to exceed cost will be used to minimize documentation.  A public bid will be required.

Upon completion of the work and the signalization project is placed in operation and accepted by NCDOT or the Town for maintenance, the private entity to whom the purchase order was issued may submit an invoice to the Director of Transportation and Facilities. Payment will be processed within 30 calendar days of receipt of the invoice.