Town Policies by Number

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1. Sewer Service Blockages

8. Leased or Rented Vehicles/Equipment, Use of Town-Owned

10. Affirmative Action Policy for Equal Employment Opportunity

13. Street Lighting

19. Athletic Program Discipline Policy

23. Utility System Extension and Connection Policy

25. Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Fees and Charges Policy

28. Sports Facility Use

31. Pay for Performance Policy

35. Storm Drainage Improvement Requests

36. Safety (Employee)

39. Short-Term Disability Insurance

41. Hazardous Materials Emergencies, Charges for

43. Annexations (Voluntary): Rural Fire Department Debt Service

44. Public Rights of Way, Petitioning to Close

45. Thoroughfare Construction Policy

47. Traffic Signalization Costs, Town Participation in

48. Sertoma Amphitheatre Usage

49. Water Valves, Control of Closing and Opening

50. Snow and Ice Policy

55. Police Department Fees Policy

62. Collector Streets (new development)

63. Driving Policy (Employee)

64. Middle Creek Special Utility Area, Utility Service to

64A. Transportation Development Fees Credit Certificate, Implementation of

65. Recreation Fund Payments for Recreation, Park and Open Space Sites

66. Environmental Permits Prior to Official Plan Approval, Procedures for Issuing

67. Substance Abuse Policy

68. Wage/Hour Policy (Hours of Work/Overtime)

69. Special Assessment Charges Policy(i.e., sidewalks, street improvements)

72. Environmental Permit

73. Swift Creek Watershed, Impoundment Maintenance

74. Military Leave, Call up for Active Duty

75. Mowing and Ground Maintenance Within Street Rights of Way

76. Community Center Operations

77. Page-Walker Arts and History Center Operations

78. Seagrave Fire Engine Resolution

83. Solid Waste Collection

85. Specialty Traffic Control and Street Name Signs and Posts

87. Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve and Stevens Nature Center

89. Picnic Shelter

90. Sight Distance

93. Family and Medical Leave

95. Water Transmission Main, Connections to the Finished

98. Street Naming/Street Numbering System

99. Developer Agreements

102. Senior Center

104.Annexation Policy

105. Bond Park Ropes Course

106. Reservoir Watershed Protection Impoundment Maintenance, Procedures for Using Town Funds for

107. Utility (Town) System Facilities, Access to

110. Retiree Benefits

111. Water Conservation and Demand Management Policy

112. Finance Policy (Town of Cary)

113. Technology Appropriate Use Policy

114. Computer Purchase Policy (Employee)

115. Cultural Arts Policy: Support and Sponsorship of Cultural Groups and Activities

116. Cultural Arts Policy: Art in Public Places

117. Health and Dental Insurance Benefits for Elected Officials

118. Soccer Policy

119. Law Enforcement Officer Retirement Awards Policy

123. Government Access Channel, Guidelines for

124. Traffic Calming Criteria and Guidelines

126. Annexing New Non-Residential Properties and Existing Residentially Used Properties

128. Pedestrian Crosswalks

129. Minimum Water Supply Pressure

130. Gifts or loan of furniture, equipment, or exhibits to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department

131. Traffic Mitigation Assistance

132. Reclaimed Water System, Effective Utilization

134. Stop Signs, Multi-Way

135. Sidewalk Requests

136. Reduction in Force

137. Cross Connection Control

138. Economic Development Incentives

139. Interest Rate Swap Agreement

140. Collector Avenue Road Classification

141. Tennis Park Operations

142. Tennis Satellite Court Usage

143. Rules of Procedure for the Cary Town Council

144. Political Sign Regulations, Town Council Intent and Findings

145. Soccer Park Operations

146. Storm Water Capital Improvement Requests

147. Ethics Guidelines for Boards/Commissions

148. Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Committee Structure

149. Law Enforcement Separation Allowance Benefits

150. Boards and Commissions General Rules of Order

151. Non-Profits (General), Town Funding of

152. Public Records Policy

153. School Speed Zones

154. Volunteer Background Investigations

155. Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) Usage

156. Sponsorship Policy

158. Security of Information

159. Financial Operations and Reporting Policy

160. Investment Policy

161. Internal Audit Policy

162. Board Appointment Policy

163. Shared Leave (Employees)

164. Ethics Policy for Town Council

165. Electronic Messaging Policy

166. Cary Arts Center

167. Quasi-Judicial Hearing Procedural Guidelines

168. USA Baseball National Training Complex Operations

169. Skate Park Operations

170. Downtown theater operations policy (The Cary)

171. Town Facilities Naming Policy

172. Public Comment for Proposed Transit Fare and Service Changes

173. Fixed Route Transit Service Standards

174. Median Plantings

175. General Fund - Fund Balance Policy

176. Debt Management Policy

178. Legacy Gift Program

179. Registration and Refund Policy

180. Procurement Policy

181. Conflicts of Interest and Gift Policy for Federal Procurement

182. Open Data

183. Body-Worn and Dashboard Camera Policy