Soccer Policy

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Policy Statement 118 

Soccer Policy

Prepared by: Doug McRainey, Director, PRCR

Adopted by Council:  12/13/2012

Supersedes: 3/12/1998

Effective: 12/13/2012 


The purpose of this policy is to facilitate the ability of non-profit soccer organizations to provide organized recreation soccer programs for the residents of Cary.


1.         The Town of Cary Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department does not offer a recreation soccer program.  However, certain non-profit organizations do provide soccer programs for Cary residents.

2.         The Town believes that non-profit organizations have, historically, and can continue to adequately provide soccer programs for Cary residents and, further, that the Town has, historically, and can continue to facilitate the non-profit efforts. 

3.         The Town values competition among non-profit soccer organizations as a method to assure quality and affordable soccer programs and services.

4.         The Town owns parkland for the development of recreation facilities, and soccer fields represent a viable recreation facility within the parks system.

5.         Through the development of the 2012 Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Master Plan, the Town will designate a preferred Level of Service for the provision of a variety of recreation facilities, including soccer.  The preferred LOS for soccer will aid the Town in determining the number of soccer fields reasonably appropriate for the community.  The LOS will be regularly updated as determined by the Master Plan. 

6.         The Town will attempt to maintain the LOS for soccer by the following methods:

a.   Encouraging the private acquisition and development of soccer fields by the non-profit soccer organizations.

b.   Enhancing the balance and appropriate use of public school facilities for soccer and other recreation programs by coordinating closely with Wake County Community Schools and non-profit soccer organizations.

c.   Aiding in the establishment of partnerships with Wake County Parks and Recreation Department and non-profit soccer organizations for soccer field development. 

d.   Designating certain Town park sites as being desirable for soccer field development by the non-profit soccer organizations.

7.         The park sites, or areas within park sites, designated for soccer fields will be made available to lease to non-profit soccer organizations for development.  All leases must comply with all applicable North Carolina General Statutes. 

8,         All soccer fields developed through lease agreements must be available to the general public as open play space when the fields are not scheduled for organized play or for maintenance.

9.         The Town will accept proposals within time periods designated by the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Director for the development of soccer fields at designated park sites.  Criteria used to evaluate the proposals submitted by non-profit soccer organizations will include, but not be limited, to the following:  

a.   value of added competition among non-profit service providers.

b.   number and preference given for Cary residents served.

c.   policies for the priority of Cary residents for scheduled use of the facility.

d.   age groups served at the facility.

e.   participation policies for participants scheduled at the facility.

f.    scheduled program seasons and general hours.

g.   fee structure.

h.   experience and expertise to conduct the programs.

i.    financial ability to construct and maintain facilities.

j.    staffing levels to conduct the program and maintain facilities.

k.   construction of amenities in addition to the soccer fields.          

l.    any other criteria that will aid the Town in making decisions in the best interests of the Town.

10.       The Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Director and the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Advisory Board will review proposals for the development of soccer fields at designated park sites on a site by site basis and make recommendations to the Town Council.  The Town Council will have the final approval of all lease agreements.