Shared Leave (Employees)

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Prepared by: Dale Johnson, Employee Benefits Manager

Supersedes: July 15, 2010

Adopted by Council: 10/30/14

Effective: 10/30/14 

PURPOSE – Shared Leave is a voluntary leave donation program for the purpose of assisting eligible employees to avoid leave without pay to care for themselves or an immediate family member due to a serious medical condition. 

COVERAGE – Regular employees, who have successfully completed initial probation and exhausted all accrued leave due to a serious medical condition of themselves or an immediate family member, are eligible to receive donated vacation leave from Town employees.  The total number of donated hours that an eligible employee may ever receive and use is limited to 240 hours (6 weeks). 

If the employee is receiving Town-provided short term disability pay, or is receiving workers compensation pay due to a work-related injury, then donated leave may be used to supplement short term disability or workers’ compensation pay.  The number of hours of donated leave used each pay period shall not result in the recipient receiving more than 100% of their biweekly base pay in effect on the first day that donated leave is used. 


The Director of Human Resources or designee is responsible for administering the Shared Leave Program in accordance with all other policies and procedures and in keeping with the Town’s Statement of Values.  Vacation leave only may be donated voluntarily from one employee to another based on awareness of need and only if it has been determined that the recipient is eligible to receive donated leave.  No employee may directly or indirectly badger, intimidate, threaten, coerce, or in any way pressure any other employee to donate or to receive leave under this program. 

Donations of accrued vacation leave to another employee are irrevocable once the donation is made.