Seagrave Fire Engine Resolution

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Prepared by:                Raymond Cain, Fire Chief

Superseded:                12/12/91

Adopted by Council:   10/30/14

Effective:                      10/30/14 


The purpose of this policy is to provide a means for citizens, corporations, and private interest groups to contribute funding toward the restoration of the Seagrave Fire Truck.  This policy will establish the procedures and methods for the collection and distribution of donated funds. 


The 1953 Seagrave Fire Truck was one of the original fire trucks purchased by the Town of Cary.  It was used for 32 years before it was unable to fulfill the fire fighting mission.  The Town Council desires to restore the fire truck for use by the Fire Department and other Town departments at Fire Prevention Week, fire prevention seminars with school children, parades, and civic activities.  The Town Council feels, however, that public funds should not be used to restore the vehicle, and, therefore, establishes a 1953 Seagrave Fire Truck Restoration Fund. 

Any citizen, company, corporation, or private entity may donate funds for the restoration of the truck.  Any funds received will be deposited in an account set up within the Town’s accounting system. 

The Fire Chief and non-profit civic groups will be authorized to solicit funds during Fire Prevention Week and other such occasions for the purpose of supporting  the long range project to restore the fire truck.  He is also authorized to collect contributions for original equipment or replacement equipment for use on the vehicle. 

Any expenditure made to restore the fire truck will be approved by the Town Council as a part of the regular budget process or through budget amendments during the fiscal year. 

Any funds collected or expended during the year will be accounted for through the Town accounting system and will be audited as a part of the annual financial report.