Safety (Employee)

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Prepared by: Gail O’Connell

Supersedes: 6/23/94

Approved by Council: 02/12/04

Effective: 02/12/0


It is the policy of the Town to comply with federal, state and local safety and health regulations and laws, and to ensure a safe and healthful work environment.


To ensure a safe and healthful environment at all Town buildings and facilities used by employees and the public; to foster safe job procedures, practices, and working conditions for all Town employees; and to establish responsibilities for ensuring same.  


This policy applies to all Town employees, those representing the Town, and contractors working for the Town.


The Town Manager will appoint a safety coordinator who will develop and coordinate an occupational health and safety program for the Town of Cary .  The safety coordinator will act as chairperson of the Employee Safety Steering Committee, made up of Town employees.  All committee members serve indefinite terms and can be replaced at the discretion of their department heads or the safety coordinator.

The safety coordinator shall also: 

1.    Advise management on safety and health.

2.    Develop a library of training materials for use by supervisors and departmental safety committees.

3.    Encourage safe work practices through articles, orientation, general safety workshops and programs.

4.    a)  Investigate complaints and observe operations to detect unsafe acts or conditions.  The action taken will depend on the severity of the risk to personnel or property.
b)  Determine if the situation is threatening to life, health or property.  If not, inform supervisor of the problem and discuss solutions.
c)  Inform employees to cease operations if the situation is immediately dangerous to life and health.  Request that employees go to a safe location, call the relevant supervisor and inform of action taken.  Request the supervisor come to the scene.

Department Directors

Each department director has the primary responsibility for maintaining safe and healthful working conditions within his/her area.  Therefore, each department director shall:

1.    Establish work rules where needed which ensure compliance with OSHA and other standards.

2.    Hold supervisors accountable for injuries incurred by subordinates.

3.    Provide leadership by setting a proper example for all employees.

4.    Call upon the safety coordinator for any assistance needed in promoting aggressive and effective safety program actions.

5.    Ensure that all Town and departmental safety policies, procedures and work rules are complied with by all personnel under his/her direction.

6.    Ensure that new employees receive orientation to applicable Town and departmental safety policies, procedures and work rules.

7.    See that all employees are periodically re-oriented or re-trained on applicable safety policies, procedures and work rules.

8.    Encourage safety suggestions and written comments from employees and adopt those that are feasible.

9.    Require that accidents be promptly reported, thoroughly investigated by supervisory personnel, and properly recorded.

10.  Ensure that prompt, corrective action is taken wherever unsafe conditions are recognized or unsafe acts are observed.

11.  Ensure that all employees are physically and mentally capable of performing their tasks.

12.  Ensure that job sites are periodically inspected by objective parties.

13.  Form one or more department safety committees.

14.  Ensure staff cooperation with the Town Employee Safety Steering Committee.

Supervisory Personnel (including department directors)

Supervisors are fully responsible for the safe actions of employees and the safe performance of machines and equipment within their operating areas.  They are responsible for enforcing policies, procedures and work rules to keep losses at an absolute minimum.  Supervisors shall:

1.    Assume full responsibility for safe and healthful working conditions within their areas.

2.    Accept responsibility for evaluating each employee’s performance of duties pertaining to accident prevention.

3.    Ensure that all safety policies, procedures, and work rules are fully implemented for maximum efficiency of each job.

4.    Enforce work policies, procedures and work rules by being impartial in taking disciplinary action against those who fail to conform, and by being prompt in giving recognition to those who perform well.

5.    Ensure that employees are fully trained for the job they are assigned to do and that they are familiar with published work rules.

6.    Attend Supervisory Safety training and ensure that periodic safety training classes are conducted for employees. 

7.    Ensure that all tools and equipment are inspected at frequent intervals and kept in safe and serviceable condition.

8.    Ensure that employees have access to educational and other safety materials including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

9.    Instruct all employees about the prompt reporting of all accidents and the necessity of receiving first aid treatment, even in the case of minor injury.

10.  Provide personal protective equipment and instruction when necessary and follow up on the equipment’s proper use.

11.  Ensure that personal protective devices and safety equipment are properly maintained

12.  Ensure that all employees are physically qualified to perform their work.

13.  Mark all areas designated as dangerous with the type of hazard involved.

14.  Ensure that as few persons as possible are permitted to enter hazardous work areas.

15.  Use safety factors in purchasing all equipment, vehicles and personal protective equipment.

16.  Support the activities of the departmental safety committee(s).

17.  Respond to the scene of an unsafe condition which threatens the life or health of an employee or citizen when notified by the safety coordinator.  Direct the operation to ensure that employees are working safely and that the conditions are in compliance with the law. 

Employees (including supervisors and department directors)

Employees are required, as a condition of employment, to exercise due care in the course of their work to prevent injuries to themselves and to their fellow workers and to acquaint themselves with and follow safety policies and standard procedures.

Employees shall:

1.   Report all unsafe conditions and unsafe acts to their supervisors no later than the end of the work shift.

2.   Keep work areas clean and orderly at all times.

3.   Follow prescribed procedures during an emergency.

4.   Be certain that they understand instructions completely before starting work.

5.   Learn and follow all Town and departmental safety policies, procedures and work rules applicable to them.

6.   Cease unsafe work when hazard is recognized or as directed by the supervisor, safety coordinator, or other appropriate authority.  Comply with instructions given by the authority.

7.   Be encouraged to review all safety policies and standard procedures applicable to their job.