Program Registration

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Prepared by: Linda Smith, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department

Supersedes: 10/24/1986

Approved by Council: 2/10/2011

Effective: 2/10/2011


The purpose of this policy is to adopt an official policy for participant registration for all organized programs sponsored by the Town of Cary Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department.


This policy, upon adoption, shall be applicable to program registrations and shall remain in effect until such time that it is altered, modified, or rescinded by the Town Council.


The Town of Cary hereby establishes the following Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Program Registration Policy:

1. Priority Registration

a. Residents of the Town of Cary (anyone residing within the corporate limits of the Town of Cary) will have first priority in registration for any organized program, unless otherwise indicated.

Exception: Any youth sports league participant residing outside the corporate limits who is currently participating in an organized youth sports league may continue to register for that league at the dates and times that the residents may register until he/she ages out of the current league. The non-resident fee still applies. At the time he/she ages out of the league in which he/she is currently participating, he/she must register strictly according to his/her resident status.

b. Non-residents (anyone living outside of the corporate limits of the Town of Cary) will have an opportunity to register for programs on a space available basis after Town residents have had an opportunity to register.

2. Registration for each program will be accepted only within the advertised dates and times determined by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department. No registration will be accepted in advance of the registration dates and times.

3. Unless otherwise indicated, registrations are only accepted by approved methods, as outlined on the Town’s Web site.

4. Unless otherwise indicated or pre-approved by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Director or designee, all program registration fees and non-resident fees must be paid at the time of registration. If the resident status is unknown by the participant and staff at the time of registration, the registration may be accepted without the non-resident fee. If the participant is later determined to be a non-resident, in order to remain in the program, the non-resident must pay the non-resident fee prior to participation and by the deadline established by staff.

5. If a program is filled prior to the end of the registration period, a waiting list will be established, with residents having first priority in filling any vacancies that occur, unless otherwise indicated.

6. The Town of Cary is committed to an inclusive approach to recreation and encourages individuals with and without disabilities to participate together. In order for individuals with disabilities to participate as fully as possible, reasonable modifications will be provided in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

7. As determined by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Director or designee, registration fees and non-resident fees, if applicable, may be prorated for participants registering for programs after the program has begun. 

8. Any instances regarding program registration that are not included in this policy will be determined by the Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources.