Police Department Fees Policy

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Prepared by: Captain W.J. Hunter

Supersedes: 11/1/91

Adopted by Council: 6/23/94

Effective: 6/23/94


To adopt an official policy to establish a set of fees relative to the dissemination of police reports, the voluntary fingerprinting of citizens, and the use of police vehicles and/or other equipment at special events not sponsored by the Town of Cary. The implementation of said fees will assist in the recouping of costs associated with the stated activities and may be changed from time to time as the Town Council may so order.


This policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall be applicable to all private individuals or companies requesting copies of police reports which are deemed public record, to those individuals requesting voluntary fingerprinting, and to parties requesting such police assistance for traffic control and/or security at special events which requires a significant assignment of vehicles and/or equipment in order to provide for the safety of the public and the law enforcement personnel working the event. Fees will not be charged of applicants for law enforcement positions with the Town of Cary nor the other government agencies whose agents/employees are requesting records in their official capacity.

Fees for the police services as charged are to be payable to the Town of Cary. The fee rates shall be set for each new budget year in the annual budget document for the Town of Cary.