Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Credit and Refund Policy

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Prepared by: Linda Smith, Business Development Manager

Supersedes: 3/24/88

Approved by Council: 10/8/2009

Effective: 12/1/2009


To adopt a fair and equitable credit and refund policy for all fee based classes, programs, and leagues.


This policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall be applicable to all individuals registered in fee based programs conducted by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department until such time as it is altered, modified, or rescinded by the Town Council. This policy is not intended to cover refund polices related to special events, facility or equipment rentals, retail sales, memberships, passes, or ticketed events.


1. PRCR Cancellation

There may be occasions when cancellations are made by PRCR due to the failure of a class or program to meet a minimum participation requirement, an instructor vacancy, facility conflict or safety issue, or other unforeseen event. In the case that PRCR cancels a program, class, or league, in its entirety, registered participants will receive a 100% refund or account credit, at the discretion of the participant. In the case that a cancellation occurs during the course of a program, class, or league, the refund or credit will be prorated. 

2. General Participant Withdrawal

A participant wishing to withdraw from a class, program or league that has not been canceled by PRCR must request to be withdrawn in writing at least one week before the scheduled start of a class, program or league’s first practice. The participant will receive, at the discretion of the participant, either a 100% account credit or a refund less a withdrawal fee. Exception: Adult sports team registration fees are not refundable unless the league is cancelled by PRCR.

3. Medical/Hardship Withdrawal

A participant may request a withdrawal due to an unforeseen medical or hardship condition less than one week prior to the class, program, or league or during the course of the activity. The request must be made in writing. The participant may receive a full or prorated refund or account credit based on a case by case review.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee

PRCR continually strives to provide quality programs, and offers a satisfaction guarantee. In the event that the participant is not satisfied with a class or program, the participant may either repeat the program at no cost, or receive a 100% refund/account credit, at the discretion of the participant. Requests stating the reason must be made in writing within 10 days of the completion of the class or program. The Town of Cary reserves the right to limit use of this Guarantee by an individual or group on a case-by-case basis after thorough review of circumstances and/or history. Exclusions: Adult sport leagues, trips, consumable program supplies, retail sales, daily admissions, facility memberships, facility rentals, special events or tickets to entertainment or sporting events are exempt from the Satisfaction Guarantee and will be handled on a case by case basis at the discretion of the PRCR Director or designee.

5. Special circumstances related to withdrawal requests not specifically covered within this policy will be determined at the discretion of the PRCR Director or designee.

6. Account Credit Option

When a participant opts for an account credit, rather than a refund, there is no withdrawal fee. The account credit is valid for one year. By choosing the credit option, the participant also agrees that credits remaining inactive for one year will be donated to the PRCR Scholarship Fund, without further contact from the Town. The PRCR Seasonal Program Brochure and Withdrawal Forms will clearly state the options for patrons to receive a refund, minus a withdrawal fee, or a credit that is valid for one year and that by choosing the credit option the patron is agreeing that credits that remain inactive for one year will be donated to the PRCR Scholarship fund at the end of the one year period.