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Hazardous Materials Emergencies, Charges for

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Prepared by: Ned K. Perry, Fire Chief

Supersedes: 9/1/85

Approved by Council: 6/11/92

Effective: 6/11/92


This Town policy is established in support of Town Ordinance, Article IV, Hazardous Materials Emergencies, Section 9-62, which is in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 160A-193, Abatement of Public Health Nuisances.

This Town ordinance is also supported with North Carolina General Statute 143-138(e), and the North Carolina Building Code, Vol. V, Fire Prevention, Chapter 22, Hazardous Materials.


To identify who will be charged for the cost of controlling and eliminating a HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EMERGENCY and to establish how the charges will be made. 

Equipment used to control HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EMERGENCIES is highly specialized, very expensive and is not part of a regular Fire Department’s equipment. Employees involved in controlling HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EMERGENCIES must be very highly trained personnel. 


This policy, upon approval by the Town Council, will be applicable to any corporation, company, individual or others spilling or releasing any hazardous materials.


1. The person or company responsible for the HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EMERGENCY will be charged.

2. The Town of Cary’s charges shall reflect a taxpayers’ credit of up to $500.00.

3. The Fire Department will be the lead department to prepare the invoice for the cost of the HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EMERGENCY.

4. The Finance Department shall invoice the party responsible for payment.

5. Fees collected for HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EMERGENCIES shall be placed in departmental budgets to off-set the costs for such activities.