Gifts or loan of furniture, equipment, or exhibits to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department

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Prepared by: Doug McRainey, Director, PRCR

Adopted By Council: 12/13/2012

Supersedes: 11/9/00

Effective: 12/13/2012

Purpose:  To establish the criteria for acceptance and the process to govern acceptance of loans or gifts of furnishings, equipment and/or permanent exhibits to facilities and programs of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department.

Coverage:  The policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall be applicable to programs and facilities administered by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department (herein referred to as "the Department") until such times as the policy statement is altered, modified, or rescinded by the Town Council.

Policy:  The Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources or his/her designee, may accept on loan or as gift to the Town of Cary items for the use by programs or for placement and use in facilities of the Department.  The following criteria shall apply to decisions affecting acceptance of furnishings, equipment and/or permanent exhibits on loan or gifts to the Town of Cary.

1.    The items will be for public use or for programs and services for the public.

2.    The items will enhance services and/or conserve public resources.

3.    The conditions of use, transportation, and storage of items are reasonable and practical as determined by the department director.

4.    Acceptance of items will pose no health, safety, or maintenance problems for staff or public.


1.    An individual or organization will submit in writing a list of item(s) for gift(s) or loan(s) to the department director or his/her designee.

2.    If item(s) is/are gifts, the letter should indicate the following:

a.    That the item is intended as an unrestricted gift to the Town of Cary,

b.    Value and condition of the gift,

c.    Name, address, and telephone number of person/organization making the gift

3.    If item(s) is/are for loan, the individual or organization must provide the following information in writing: 

a.    Name, address, telephone number of person/organization and officer making the loan, 

b.    That the item(s) is/are intended for loan and that individual or organization retains ownership, 

c.    Precise description,

d.    Approximate age,

e.    Value and condition,

f.     Other details to accurately describe the item(s),

g.    Any special instructions for care or maintenance of the loaned item(s),

h.    Length of term of loan,

i.      Means and party responsible for return transportation/postage,

j.      Any restrictions on use of item(s).

4.    The department director will notify Finance Department regarding the pending gift or loan for comments.  All relevant information will be checked and verified by the director or his/her designee.


1.    If the item(s) is/are gift(s), the director or his/her designee will acknowledge acceptance and location of the gift in writing to the individual or organization.

2.    If the item(s) is/are for loan, the director or his/her designee will send a letter of understanding to the individual or organization indicating the following:

a.    The amount of insurance covering direct physical loss or damage to the item(s) during the loan period,

b.    Acknowledgment of return date or stipulation that return of loaned item(s) be requested by the organization thirty (30) days in advance of the date desired for return by the individual or organization,

c.    Location and use for the item,

d.    Any variance from the information provided by the person/organization loaning item.

3.    Upon acceptance of the gift or loan and return of agreement forms for loaned items, the acceptance will be documented on inventory forms.

4.    Copies of agreements will be retained by the department.