Environmental Permit

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Prepared by:                        Stephen Brown, Director of Water Resources

Supersedes:                         7/1/90

Adopted by Council:          10/30/14

Effective:                             10/30/14


To provide the requirement for the issuance of a permit for a fee prior to the initiation of any land disturbing activity.


This policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall apply to all construction activity commencing after June 30, 1990, which involves the clearing, grubbing, denuding, excavation, etc., associated with the development of property in the Town and extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction.  The permit shall be required for all construction activity including, but not limited to, street construction, utility construction, subdivision development, non-residential development, etc., with the exclusion of the construction of individual single family residential units or agencies otherwise exempt herein.


  1. An Environmental Permit shall be obtained from the Water Resources  Department by the Contractor for any land disturbing activity.  The permit shall be obtained prior to the initiation of any land disturbing activity.
  2. The Town will not issue an Environmental Permit for any construction activity for which an Erosion Control Plan has not been submitted and approved by the Town or other responsible agency.
  3. Prior to the initiation of the land disturbing activity, the Contractor shall be responsible for implementing all pre-construction erosion control measures, thereby receiving the Certificate of Compliance, and shall also ensure conformance with the approved plan throughout construction.
  4. The area which will be disturbed shall be calculated and designated on the approved Erosion Control Plan and may be verified by the Town prior to the issuance of the Environmental Permit.
  5. The fee schedule associated with the Environmental Permit shall be included and approved as a part of the annual operating budget for the Town as adopted by the Town Council.
  6. Any land disturbing activity which occurs prior to the issuance of an Environmental Permit shall be charged an amount double the amount ordinarily charged for the permit obtained prior to construction.
  7. The Environmental Permit shall replace all previous requirements of the Town associated with the issuance of grading permits.
  8. This policy shall not apply to land disturbing activities subject to the control of the North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission including activities conducted by the State, United States, agencies having the power of eminent domain, local governments, agencies licensed by the State or United States, or activities funded in whole or in part by the State or United States.