Driving Policy (Employee)

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Policy Statement 63


Prepared by: Gail O’Connell, Safety & Training Coordinator
Approved by Council: 10/30/14
Effective: 10/30/14
Supersedes: 5/26/2005

PURPOSE:  To provide a policy on driving Town-owned vehicles and equipment by employees in order to protect Town resources, and to limit injuries to citizens and employees.

COVERAGE:  This policy shall apply to all applicants for town employment, and current employees. 

POLICY:  The Town strives to protect life, property and other resources by controlling the privilege of driving town vehicles or personal vehicles for official town business. 


The Human Resources Department will oversee the process of checking employee and applicant driving records, Refer to the Standard Procedure No. 27, Driving Records and Privileges, for the complete written program. 

Employees will report to work physically and mentally able to perform the duties required for driving a town vehicle, and will notify the supervisor if they are unable to function safely during their work shift.  Refer to the Standard Procedure No. 23, Substance Abuse.  

Employees are responsible to adhere to all federal, state, and local traffic regulations which cover the type of vehicle they are driving.  Employees are responsible to drive cautiously and defensively.  

Employees are responsible to report vehicle maintenance problems to their supervisor and to promptly report any vehicle accident to the local Police authority and their supervisor.  Refer to Standard Procedure No. 44, Accidents Involving Town Employees, Vehicles and Property.