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Cross Connection Control

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Prepared by: Scott Hecht, Public Works Director

Supersedes: 11/13/03

Adopted by Council: 10/30/14

Effective: 10/30/14


The purpose of this policy statement is to articulate and adopt an official policy that will establish a cross connection control policy for the Town.  The policy is will: 

1.  Ensure that the Town’s potable public water supply is protected from the possibility of contamination or pollution by isolating within each consumer’s water system such contaminants, waterborne health hazards and other significant pollutants, which could backflow into the public water systems.

2.  Ensure that existing cross connections, actual or potential, between the consumer’s potable water system(s) and non-potable water system(s), plumbing fixtures and industrial piping systems are eliminated or controlled.

3.  Provide an inspection program of cross connection control, which will systematically and effectively control all actual or potential cross connections, which may be installed in the future.


This policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall be applicable to all water system customers of the town that are served by the town’s public water distribution system, until such time as the policy statement is altered, modified, or rescinded by the Town Council.


This policy defines the Town of Cary as the water purveyor in the elimination of all cross connections within its public potable water supply. 

The Cross Connection Control Program, which is based on the Cross Connection Control ordinance and on this Policy, shall ensure that, after the effective date of the Cross Connection Control ordinance in Chapter 36, Utilities, of the Town of Cary Code of Ordinances:

(1.)         That all new residential and non-residential water services requiring water from the town’s public water system, shall have an appropriate back flow prevention device installed prior to water service activation.

(2.)         That all existing non-residential and irrigation or water only water services which do not have an approved back flow prevention assembly be required to retrofit the approved back flow prevention assembly within 120 days following written notification from the town.

(3.)         That all existing non-residential water services and irrigation or water only services which have an approved back flow prevention assembly shall immediately begin, upon written notification from the town, an annual testing and certification program for their approved back flow prevention assembly.

(4.)         That all existing single family residential water services connected to the Town’s public potable water system, be required to retrofit the appropriate back flow prevention device as a water meter replacement occurs for each such water service, beginning approximately six months after the effective date of this policy.