Computer Purchase Policy (Employee)

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Policy Statement 114

Employee Computer Purchase Policy

Prepared by: Bill Stice, Technology Services Director

Supersedes: 12/11/97

Adopted by Council: 12/13/01

Effective: 12/13/01


To establish a policy for assisting employees in acquiring and sharpening computer literacy skills by providing interest-free loans to purchase personal computer equipment and software similar to what employees may be asked to use for Town business. This policy details the terms and conditions of agreements between the Town and participating employees


It is the policy of the Town of Cary to encourage employee development of computer literacy skills because of the acknowledged significant contribution of such skills to improving services to the public. The Town, therefore, offers to provide interest-free loans to the employees for the purchase of computer hardware and software.

To participate in the program, the employee must agree to all terms and conditions set forth in this Policy. Should the employee terminate employment with the Town prior to completion of the payback period for the loan, the employee agrees to pay the balance of any amount owed to the Town. Payment may be either through deduction from the final paycheck (including any vacation or compensatory pay available at termination) and/or through an additional payment if the final paycheck is insufficient to pay the balance.

Should the employee return such computer equipment or software to the vendor, sell or dispose of the equipment, or otherwise render the equipment or software unavailable for employee’s home use, the balance of the loan shall become due and payable to the Town immediately. If the balance is not paid within 30 days of such action, it shall be deducted from the employee’s paycheck. Failure of an employee to inform the Town of such conversion of equipment or software may be grounds for discipline.