Community Center Operations

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Prepared by: Dwayne Jones

Supersedes: 1/01/2012

Adopted by Council: 11/15/2012

Effective: 11/16/2012 


To adopt an official policy for the operation of Town owned Community Centers; public facilities designed to serve Cary residents of all age groups in a variety of leisure pursuits.


This policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall be applicable to the operation and use of Town owned Community Centers (“facilities”) until such time that the policy statement is altered, modified, or rescinded by the Town Council.


The Town Council of the Town of Cary hereby establishes the following policy:

1.         Facility:  Community Centers are designed to provide multi-purpose space including gymnasiums, classrooms, fitness rooms, and multi use rooms for a wide variety of programs and services.

2.         Facility Usage:  The following priority shall be established for scheduling functions in these facilities:

a.         Town sponsored programs and activities

b.         programs and activities co-sponsored by the Town and other approved sponsors

c.         programs and activities sponsored by Cary-based civic and non-profit organizations 

d.         activities and events for private functions held by individuals and groups who are residents of the Town of Cary

e.         activities and events for private functions held by individuals and groups who are nonresidents of the Town of Cary

3.         General Hours of Operation:  Community Centers shall be available for use during times as established in the Town of Cary Standard Procedure 62 Community Center Use.  The Department Director or designee shall reserve the right to alter the hours of operation due to weather or for the health and safety of the public or employees.

4.         Reservations

a.     Reservations for use of the facility shall be made as outlined in Standard Procedure 62 “Community Center Use”. 

b.     Town sponsored and co-sponsored reservations may be made at any time.

c.     Cary residents shall have a priority reservation period for non Town sponsored use. 

d.     The person making the application to reserve the facility must be at least 21 years of age and must assure adequate supervision when using the facility.

e.     Police security and/or general liability insurance may be required (at the user’s expense) as determined by the Department Director or designee.

f.      The Department Director or designee reserves the right to make cancellations at any time.  Cancellation notices will be issued as far in advance as possible.  All reservations/damage deposits and usage fees will be returned in full if cancellation is initiated by the Department. 

g.     Cancellation may be initiated by the party making the reservation up to thirty (30) days prior to scheduled use without liability.  All cancellation notices must be submitted in writing to the facility supervisor. Cancellations made within 30 days of the scheduled use will result in forfeiture of reservation/damage deposit. 

h.     No cancellations will be accepted within five (5) working days of scheduled usage.  Party making a cancellation within five (5) working days of usage will be liable for payment of rental fees and other charges in full.

5.         General Rules of Use of the Facility

a.         An employee shall be on duty in the facility during all hours of operation or whenever the facility is open to the public.

b.         The following shall be prohibited within or on the premises of the facility:

(1)        Smoking within the building (smoking is permitted in designated areas outside the facility as permitted by law);

(2)        All illegal drugs and other substances;

(3)        Weapons of all kinds except law enforcement officers in the execution of their duties and public demonstrations as approved by the Department Director or designee;

(4)        Animals of any kind except those serving the needs of the handicapped and those used in public demonstrations or programs as approved by the Department Director or designee; 

(5)        Possession and consumption of liquor and alcoholic beverages;

Exception: Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages may be allowed at Herbert C. Young Community Center, 101 Wilkinson Avenue, and Bond Park Community Center, 150 Metro Park Drive, pursuant to the following conditions. For purposes of this Policy, “alcoholic beverages” means malt beverages and unfortified wine (beer and wine) with less than 16% alcohol by volume; and “liquor” means fortified wine, spirituous liquor, and mixed beverages; all as defined by the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.

(a)        Alcoholic beverage possession and consumption shall be allowed during Town-sponsored and co-sponsored programs and activities.  Additionally, alcoholic beverage possession and consumption shall be allowed during a facility rental for programs and activities not sponsored or co-sponsored by the Town upon proper application by rental users as described below. 

(b)        Rental users shall submit an “Application to Serve Beer and Wine” which must be approved by facility staff, and pay all applicable fees as outlined in the annual budget of the Town of Cary. Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in connection with facility rentals by rental users shall be limited to the room or rooms that have been rented by that user.   

(c)        Additional police security may be required at the rental user’s expense.  Such need will be at the discretion of the facility Supervisor. 

(d)        Rental user shall comply with all regulations of the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission.

(e)        Rental users must provide proof of host liquor liability insurance coverage from a licensed insurer, or proof that caterer or bartender has liquor liability coverage.  The caterer must also provide general liability coverage naming the Town of Cary as Additional Insured.

(f)         Consumption of alcoholic beverages for Police training purposes shall be exempt from sub-paragraph (a) through (e) above.

 (7)        Any type of behavior that is detrimental to the normal operation of the facility or the safety of the public or employees

c.         Food and beverages are permitted only in designated areas.

d.         Persons or groups using the facility shall be responsible for the breakage, loss, or damage to the facility and equipment and shall bear the full replacement cost for such breakage, loss, or damage. 

e.         Persons or groups using the facility shall be responsible for any personal items brought into the facility and shall remove same at the end of each scheduled use time and shall return any Town owned equipment to its designated place within the facility as directed by the facility supervisor.

d.             The facility shall be open to persons who are upon the premise for specific programs, activities, functions or other official Town business.

g.         Persons or groups violating any of the general rules are subject to suspension from the facility, immediate cancellation of the rental including loss of damage deposit/fees and prosecution in the event of a law enforcement violation as provided in the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Cary. 

h.         The Department Director or designee may implement any other action deemed necessary to protect the health and welfare of the public, employees or the facility.

6.         Sale of goods

a.    Food, beverage or other sales are prohibited except (1) food, beverages, alcoholic beverages, and other items may be sold at Town sponsored or co-sponsored programs and activities; and (2) food, beverages, alcoholic beverages, and other items may be sold by a non-profit organization at its activities and programs as approved by the Department Director or designee.

b.    Town staff may work with outside vendors to provide the sale of goods and/or services related to events for the duration of events held on the premises subject to agreement.

c.    No other vendors may provide and/or sell goods and/or services at Community Centers without prior written approval from the Director or designee.

7.         Fees shall be those as adopted by the Cary Town Council in the annual budget.