Collector Streets (new development)

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Prepared by: Bonnie Estes

Adopted by Council: 10/13/88

Effective: 10/13/88


To adopt a policy for the Town of Cary regarding the development of a series of collector streets within the planning area of the Town.


This policy, upon adoption by the Town Council, shall be applicable to new development within the Town of Cary if the size and type of development meets the standards described in this policy statement.


The Town of Cary hereby establishes the following policy:

1. New developments in the Town of Cary jurisdiction shall provide a collector street to the outer perimeter boundaries of the development when: 

The development contains a street which collects traffic from more than 100 dwelling units.

The development contains a commercial area of 20 or more acres.

The development contains other land uses which in the opinion of the Town Council would account for similar traffic volumes (schools, industries, etc.).

2. Collector streets shall be designed at a width of 35 feet from back of curb to back of curb. The design speed shall be 35 miles per hour.

3. Collector streets shall be shown on the Town’s adopted thoroughfare plan map and shall be updated periodically in conjunction with the adoption of the Town’s thoroughfare plan.

4. The collector street plan may be modified at the time of development approval dependent on the intensity of the proposed use.

5. Collector street alignment and location may be modified at the time of development approval based on the location of uses, topography, soil types, etc.

6. Collector streets should be continued with the development of adjacent properties when the continuation would be advantageous to the entire neighborhood.

7. The Town Council may waive these requirements when compliance would cause an unusual or unnecessary hardship on the developer of the property.

8. The construction of collector streets shall be completed by the developer of the property and shall not be funded through road development fees or other fee systems established by the Town. The Town may, however, collect a payment-in-lieu of construction upon Council approval.