Bond Park Ropes Course

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Prepared by: Dwayne Jones, Recreation Manager, PRCR

Supersedes:  5/26/2005

Adopted by Council: 12/13/2012 

Effective: 12/13/2012


To adopt an official policy for the operation of the Bond Park Ropes Course, a public recreation/education facility administered by the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Department.


This policy, upon adoption by Town Council, shall be applicable to the operation and use of the Bond Park Ropes Course until such time that the policy statement is altered, modified, or rescinded by the Town Council.


The Town Council of the Town of Cary hereby establishes the following policy:

1.         Facility:  A course designed to build individual self confidence and team building.  The course consists of two areas, a high level and a low level.

2.         Facility Usage:  The following priority shall be established for scheduling functions of the facility: 

a.        Town sponsored programs and activities

b.        Other groups not more than six months in advance.  Reservations are conditional upon the availability of the facilitators.

3.         General Hours of Operation:  The Ropes Course shall be available for use during times as established in the Town of Cary Standard Procedure 65 Bond Park Ropes Course Use.  The department director or his/her designee shall reserve the right to alter the hours of operation due to weather or for the health and safety of participants and staff. 

4.         Reservations

a.    Reservations for use of the facility shall be made as outlined in Standard Procedure 65 “Bond Park Ropes Course Use”.

b.    Town sponsored and co-sponsored reservations may be made at any time.

c.    Cary residents shall have a priority reservation period for non Town sponsored use.

d.    The person making the application to reserve the facility must be at least 21 years of age.

e.    The Department Director or designee reserves the right to make cancellations at any time.  Cancellation notices will be issued as far in advance as possible.  All reservations/damage deposits and usage fees will be returned in full if cancellation is initiated by the Department.

f.     Non-Town groups may cancel up to one week prior to scheduled use date without liability.  Cancellations within one week of scheduled use date result in forfeiture of deposit.  All cancellation requests must be made in writing to the facility supervisor. 

5.         General rules for use of the facility in addition to the Code of Ordinances pertaining to parks:

a.         An employee shall be on duty within the facility during all hours of operation or whenever the facility is open to the public. 

b.         All users of the facility shall complete any and all required waivers, releases or other forms pertaining to use of the facility prior to using the course.

c.         For the protection of the facility and users, the following shall be prohibited:

(1)        Smoking; 

(2)        All illegal drugs and other substances;

(3)        Weapons of any kind except law enforcement officers in the execution of their duties and public demonstrations as approved by the Department Director or designee;

(4)        Animals of any kind except those serving the needs of the handicapped and those used in public demonstrations or programs as approved by the Department Director or designee;

(5)        Possession and consumption of liquor and alcoholic beverages;

(6)        Any type of behavior that is detrimental to the normal operation of the facility or the safety of the public or employees.

d.         Food and beverages are permitted only in designated areas.

e.         Persons or groups using the facility shall be responsible for the breakage, loss, or damage to the facility and equipment and shall bear the full replacement cost for such breakage, loss, or damage.

f.          Persons or groups using the facility shall be responsible for any personal items brought into the facility and shall remove same at the end of each scheduled use time and shall return any Town owned equipment to its designated place within the facility as directed by the facility supervisor.

g.         Closed toed Sshoes must be worn in order to participate.

h.         All users shall abide by all safety rules as outlined by the course facilitator. 

i.          The facility shall be open to persons who are upon the premise for specific programs, activities, functions or other official Town business.

j.          Any user of the facility violating any of the above general rules or Code of Ordinances pertaining to parks is subject to suspension from the facility and prosecution in the event of a law enforcement violation as provided in the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Cary.

k.         The Department Director or designee may implement any other action deemed necessary to protect the health and welfare of the public, employees or the facility.

6.         Facilitation Requirements:  All facilitators shall complete the necessary training as outlined in the “Ropes Course Staff Manual.”

7.         Fees shall be those as adopted by the Cary Town Council in the annual budget.