Board Appointment Policy

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Policy Statement 162

Process for Appointments to Volunteer Boards and Commissions

Prepared By: Sue Rowland, Town Clerk, and Karen C. Gray, Deputy Town Clerk

Supersedes: October 30, 2008

Adopted by Council: October 8, 2009

Effective: October 8, 2009


The purpose of this policy statement is to develop a preferred process for council to follow for the board and commission (board) appointments to ensure that all council members operate under the same process. Additionally, this written process will clearly outline for citizens the process the council uses for board appointments. The town council may, by majority vote, decide to waive, vary, or otherwise modify the process outlined in this policy.

Refer to the Board Bylaws contained in Chapter 2 of the Town Code for general board information that applies to all boards.

Recruitment and Application Process

The deputy town clerk shall post a notice in one or more conspicuous locations at the town hall at all times during the months of May and June of each year. This notice shall specify the vacancies for all boards, and will set forth the details regarding the application procedure and the deadline for receipt of applications. The deputy town clerk will also advertise these vacancies utilizing the most effective advertising tools available each year to seek applicants from all segments of the community, representing various interests and groups.

During the month of April of each year, the town clerk shall notify all members of all boards whose terms expire September 30 of the same year, informing them that they must submit a completed application by June 30 if they wish to be considered for reappointment.

In order to be eligible for appointment to a board, a person must file an application on a form provided by the deputy town clerk. In order to be considered by the council, an application must be filed with the deputy town clerk not later than June 30 preceding the beginning of the term for which the appointment is desired. This shall not apply to appointments to fill unexpired portions of terms to fill vacancies.

The deputy town clerk will distribute copies of all applications to each council member during the month of July. Unless otherwise directed, the council as a whole shall consider all applications received for appointment to all boards, and shall make such appointments as it deems appropriate. These appointments shall be made in September of each year. Applications not selected and applications received after June 30 will be kept on file according to the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule and will be considered when vacancies arise during the year.

Selection and Appointments

In reviewing applications, council members will take into consideration the makeup of each board (refer to bylaws for specific board makeup). Council members will strive to achieve a balance of qualified applicants covering a range of qualifications and perspectives for the boards.

All council members may actively participate in the selection process and will have several weeks to carefully review each application. Council members will individually submit to the deputy town clerk names of the applicants they want to be interviewed for each vacancy. Council members are encouraged to include comments with this list of suggested interviewees. Each council liaison will recommend a chair for their respective boards.

The deputy town clerk will compile the list of recommended interviewees and forward the list and any council member comments to the full council.

 The council liaison and board chair or designee will review all applications and determine if any other applicants should be added to the list of interviewees based on the skill sets needed for the particular board. Council liaisons may include staff liaisons in the process.

The council liaison and board chair or designee will establish an interview method and follow that method to interview the candidates on the list of interviewees. Any candidate who received four or more recommendations by individual council members shall be interviewed. Others on the list may be interviewed at the discretion of the council liaison and board chair or designee. 

After interviews have occurred, the council liaison will compile a list of suggested appointments and submit this document to the deputy town clerk. Council liaisons are encouraged to include their recommendation comments with this list of suggested appointments. The deputy town clerk will distribute the master list of all suggested appointments with justifications to the entire council.

The council may conduct a work session one to two weeks prior to the council meeting when appointments are scheduled to be announced. At this work session, the council will have the opportunity to discuss specific candidates, and they may vote on the slate of appointments at the work session, and announce the appointments at the following council meeting. If a work session is not held council shall vote on the slate of appointments at the council meeting.

The deputy town clerk will link the master list of all appointments to the agenda item for the board appointments.

The deputy town clerk will follow up in writing to all applicants to advise them of their appointment status after the council has approved the slate of appointments.