Shape - Q3 FY 2019

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New Non-Residential Permits

New Nonresidential Permits Issued

In Q3, there were four new non-residential permits issued totaling 45,743 square feet. This square footage represents an 85 percent decrease from the Q3 five-year average of 311,743 square feet. The new non-residential permits were issued to Lidl Grocery Store at 1105 North Harrison Avenue (29,114 square feet), a retail shell building at 325 Carpenter Hill (7,301 square feet), a multi-tenant retail shell building at 10236 Green Level Church Road (7,085 square feet) and a maintenance building in Parkside Commons (2,243 square feet).

Non-Residential Addition & Alteration Permits

Non-residential addition and alteration permits in Q3 totaled 124, a decrease of 12 percent from the Q3 five-year average of 141. The top five projects were:

  • Panther Creek Medical, 6715 McCrimmon Parkway (904,427 square feet – one building 
    but nine different permits to create different tenant spaces)
  • Interior Alteration: Verizon Renovation, 6400 Weston Parkway (47,608 square feet)
  • Interior Alteration: From Kroger to Harris Teeter, 1273 NW Maynard (47,608 square feet)
  • Roof Replacement: John Deere, 2000 John Deere Run (46,600 square feet)
  • Upfit: MetLife 3–6th Floor, 301MetLife (31,940 square feet)

Nonresidential Additions and Alterations


Total Inspections

Staff performed 17,433 inspections in Q3, which is in line with the Q3 five-year average of 17,391. Historically, Q3 inspection numbers are the lowest in the fiscal year, largely due to winter weather affecting construction activities.


During Q3, there were 32 cases in the rezoning process, six of which were approved. Four of the cases approved were for residential projects: 

  • Green Level West was approved for a maximum of 220 dwellings, 75 of which could be townhomes.
  • Camp Branch Farms was approved for up to 71 dwellings, which could be any combination 
    of detached, semi-detached/attached dwellings or townhomes.
  • 6800 Holly Springs Road was rezoned to allow for two detached dwellings.
  • 6808 Good Hope Church Rd was rezoned to allow one home in the Carpenter Special Planning Area.

The other two rezonings were to make a map correction and apply an initial zoning to property that had been labeled as right of way on Palmetto Drive and to add a use to the MacGregor Center PDD.

Development Plans

Development Plans Approved by Count Per Quarter

During Q3, Town staff approved 13 development plans. Nine of these were for new development and four were revisions to existing plans. Five of the new approvals were for non-residential development. The two largest were the 94,000-square-foot, two-story, vertical expansion of WakeMed Cary and the 53,000-square-foot expansion of the ACHC building and new parking deck located at 119 Weston Oaks Court. The two approved new residential plans are Piney Plains Townhomes, which allow for 23 lots, and Overture at Twin Lake with 189 multi-family units.