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Cary Obtains $6.1 Million in LAPP Grants

LAPP Projects map


The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (CAMPO) Locally Administered Projects Program (LAPP) annually awards federal transportation grants to shovel-ready, regionally-significant transportation projects. Staff pursues state and federal funding for projects whenever possible, with Town funds being used to leverage these sources and fill in the remaining gaps. CAMPO’s Federal 
FY 2020 LAPP program funding totaled $25 million, split between three modes: roadway, bicycle/pedestrian and transit. In February 2019, Cary was awarded more than $6.1 million for three projects:

 Carpenter Fire Station Road Widening (Right-of-Way) $2,533,500
 Crabtree Creek Greenway from Bond Park to High House Road (Construction) $1,320,000 
 Crabtree Creek Greenway Connector at Weston Parkway (Construction) $2,260,000 
 Total Cary Grants $6,113,500

Cary Parkway/High House Road Intersection Improvements

high house road and cary parkway aerial shot

This signature intersection project is substantially complete. Staff and contractors worked collaboratively to ensure the success of the project and minimize disruption to the traveling public. The addition of turn lanes has had a positive and substantial effect on traffic flow through the intersection.

Reduce Congestion Through Intersection Improvements
  • Cary Parkway and High Meadow Drive: Construction
    is complete.
  • Evans Road and Cary Parkway: Construction is nearing completion with only signal modifications and minor sidewalk work remaining. 

Intersection Improvements

  • Kildaire Farm Road and Cary Parkway: Construction began in March with the contractor clearing and installing curb and sidewalk. 

Intersection Improvements

  • Maynard Road and High House Road: Utilities are being relocated, and construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

Carpenter Fire Station Road Realignment and Grade Separation

CFS Bridge and Intersection Improvements


Construction is underway on this critical east-west connector. Initial work started slowly due to wet weather, but the contractor is making good progress as spring weather sets in. Utility work is progressing, and grading operations are ongoing to support a detour in advance of bridge construction. Ongoing construction operations include storm drainage, erosion control and temporary signal work. Construction is scheduled to be complete 
in 2022.

Morrisville Parkway and Carpenter Upchurch Road Intersection Improvements

Morrisville parkway and CFS Intersection

Citizens are already enjoying improved safety and mobility as this project nears completion. Final paving and installation of the metal traffic signal poles are scheduled for spring.

Morrisville Parkway Extension and NC 540 Interchange

Morrisville parkway Extension and Intersection with NC 540

After a wet winter, construction is nearing 50 percent completion with work intensifying as more moderate spring weather arrives. All work associated with the interchange is scheduled to be completed this year with the exception of toll site modifications recently requested by North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA). Paving is scheduled in April and May for the remaining east side of the project. The NCTA’s fiber optic trunk line has been relocated on the west side of the project, allowing for grading operations to begin. Construction activities will be focused on completing the ramp and loop on the west side of the project by the end of summer. Designs for the toll site modifications are nearly complete, and construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

Sidewalk Improvements

Several important sidewalk projects are moving forward to improve pedestrian safety and connectivity across Cary. 

  • The sidewalk connection on SW Cary Parkway near High House Road is complete. 

entrance to greenway

  • Sidewalks currently under construction include N Harrison Avenue, Edinburgh Drive South, 
    Old Apex Road and E Chatham Street.
  • The Walker Street sidewalk has been advertised for construction bids.
  • Ederlee Drive, Tryon Road and Penny Road will be bid for construction in late 2019.
Cary Staff Takes the Lead at Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference


In March, Cary staff participated in the ITS Carolinas Annual Conference in Charlotte. This conference is an opportunity to discuss challenges, successes and partnership opportunities in North and South Carolina to expand and advance ITS, or Intelligent Transportation Systems. ITS uses technology in transportation to improve safety and efficiency for all modes of travel.

Cary’s role was significant this year as staff moderated sessions, presented on Cary’s Smart and Connected Cities initiatives and participated in panel discussions.  In addition to serving on the Annual Meeting Technical Agenda Committee and helping plan all of the technical sessions at the conference, Traffic Engineering Supervisor David Spencer accepted a position on the ITS Carolinas Board of Directors.

ITS Carolinas brings together professionals from a variety of disciplines, including transportation and traffic engineers, planners, transit, public safety, operations and network and IT professionals, construction engineers, product vendors, app designers, and even tow truck drivers. As Cary develops its Smart Cities program, ITS will play a major role in improving the lives of citizens. 

Radar Feedback Signs for Traffic Calming

Loch Highlands Drive

Radar sign under speed limit sign

For over a year, staff has been working with Loch Highlands residents to address speeding concerns along Loch Highlands Drive. The community designated a committee to meet with staff to develop a plan to improve safety along this collector street.

As staff and the committee developed the plan, community meetings were held to keep the neighborhood residents informed and provide an opportunity for feedback. The feedback has led to a phased, iterative approach. The first action was installation of permanent radar feedback signs. These signs, similar to those used by the Police Department for temporary speeding campaigns, are mounted along the street to warn drivers of their speed and encourage compliance. Staff will gather data to determine the effectiveness of the signs on driver behavior. As staff reviews the effectiveness of the radar signs, they will continue to work with the committee on the next step, possibly a raised pedestrian crossing.

Morrisville Parkway

Reducing speeding in school zones is a major safety initiative. Reduced speed limits in school zones are in place around all public schools in Cary for the express purpose of slowing drivers when students are present. Compliance with the reduced speed is a concern in many school zones, including Carpenter Elementary School, located at Morrisville Parkway and Louis Stephens Drive. Morrisville Parkway, a state-maintained road, is normally a 45-mph street with a school zone of 25 mph. A 20-mph reduction for a school zone is not supported by NCDOT unless Cary staff can provide data to support the reduction. Two radar feedback signs were installed on Morrisville Parkway in the vicinity of Carpenter Elementary School. Data will be collected to determine the effectiveness of the signs in an effort to secure the speed limit reduction to 25 mph.